Maran Mantra for Self Preservation

In the post below, is described a very dangerous and destruction Tamas Guni Maran Prayog, which has been attributed in the Tantric texts as having the capacity to harness the most dangerous type of energies, which take away the life of the person in whose direction they are directed.

The Maran Prayog is only for the most advanced Aghori Sadhaks who are well versed with the procedure, which is practiced while performing such deadly Tantrik experiments. Fools, idiots and those who are in the habit of practicing multiple Mantra Experiments just for the sake of seeing what happens should stay away or the consequences cold be disastrous. Such people might loose their lives of even become lunatics.

Even experienced Aghori Sadhaks should be very careful and should only use the Maran Mantra to destroy a cruel or dangerous person who is an enemy of the public and whose death will be beneficial for the general public.

ॐ नमो मातेश्वरी भगवती [ अमुकस्य ] हन - हन स्वाहा ||
Om Namo Mateshwari [ Amukasya ] Han Han Swaha ||

Maran Siddh Prayog – Chant the Mantra 21,000 times continuously and then perform Dashansh Havan [ 1/10th ] the number of Mantra Chants by making an offering of Kaner Flowers to the Havan, which chanting the Mantra. Before offering the flowers to the Havan, the practitioner has to dip each Kaner flower in Sarson Ka Tel[Mustard Oil].

This concludes the Maran Mantra Prayoga, which is as per the writings of the Tantra said to take away the life of the Dusht Vyakti and free the practitioner from his clutches.

Note- Article published solely for the sake of giving information about Indian Tantrik practises and not not to advocate the practise of the same.


  1. Sir i think we should also have a Garuda Mantra Sadhana?

  2. neel ji and ashok ji.
    you post articles about yakshini and pisach and others for information purpose. but is also good if you post articles about apsaras.


  3. I dont want to kill someone I want to remove such ppl from my life ,what can I do?

  4. Guru G vanakkam I am from chennai
    I request you to a mantra for rain
    Here tamilnadu is suffering without rain please help me and for tamilnadu people Thankyou Athma namaskaram

    1. ॐ जलबिम्बाय विद्महे नीलपुरुषाय धीमहि ।
      तन्नो वरुण: प्रचोदयात ।।
      Chant this mantra at sunrise daily 1 rosary. Use a rudraksh mala for japa and sit facing west

    2. Oum Devraajaya Vidmahe
      Vajrahastaaya Dhimahi
      Thanno Indrah prachodyat

    3. Oum Devraajaya Vidmahe
      Vajrahastaaya Dhimahi
      Thannoh Indrah Prachodyaat

  5. Sir kuch back pain aur nerve pain aur numbness ke liye dijiye pls

  6. sir could you also please guide us to mantras that remove girls from obsessive love for immoral men using them in every way...desparate..

  7. i want to die pls tell something about this type or mantas

  8. Guruji I need SARVA ANJANA manthra to see anything when question asked in any material like neembu , water , ect ,,, Please need original one ,,, 🙏


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