Vashikaran By Body Waste Mantra

The Vashikaran Mantra described by me in this post is one of more famous and popular of the Indian Vashikaran Mantras and there are numerous Vashikaran Experiments of all kinds conducted using the same Mantra.  In this post, I have described two of these experiments, which make the use of Body Waste, like nasal mucus, dirt from the tongue and nails in order to cast a Voodoo Fascination Spell on a desired beloved.

Both the Vashikaran Experiments appear to be repulsive,  unhygienic and dirty and hence extreme caution should be maintained before using these experiments. Please note that, I am only describing the specific Tantrik procedure, which is practiced using the Vashikaran Mantra and not asking you to perform these Vashikaran Spells.

1] On a Sunday, remove the dirt from the fingers of the hands and feet and put in inside a Paan [Sweet Indian Betal Leaf Preparation] and give the Paan to the sought after lover to eat.

2] This Vashikaran Experiment can be conducted on any day by removing at little bit of your nasal mucus and the dirt from the tongue by scraping the tongue and putting it inside a Paan and giving the Paan to the desired lover to eat.

While mixing the Waste in the Paan, the Vashikaran Mantra has to be chanted just once while imagining the face of the person whom you want to fascinate and bring under your control.

But first, the Vashikaran Mantra shown by me in the image has to be chanted for a total of 100,000 Mantra Chants in order to gain Siddhi over the Mantra, after which the Vashikaran Experiments described above can be actually conducted.

Vashikaran By Body Waste from noose, tongue and nails
Vashikaran By Body Waste Mantra

The Siddhi Sadhana can be commenced on any auspicious occasion like a Shubh Muhurat, Tithi, Astrology Yoga or Hindu Festival.

The Mantra chanting should be completed in a fixed number of days by chanting a fixed number of Mantras per day.

A Rudraksha Japa Mala can be used for counting the number of Mantra Chants.

Note- There is a slight variation in the wordings of this Vashikaran Mantra and the much publicized one, which is found everywhere.


  1. Sir while chanting one lakh mantra in the place of amukam we have chant the desired persons name or ww have to chant the mantra as it is

    1. The mantra should be chanted as it is in order to master the mantra, after, which you can perform the Vashikaran experiments described in the article.

    2. sir houw to count while saying mantra


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