Mantra for Kartik Purnima to Win Lottery

Today I will share a special Mantra Prayog, which is meant to be done on the day of Kartik Purnima, which falls on 13th-14th of November 2016.

With the help of this Shabar mantra, one will be able to earn great wealth through the means of lottery and games of chance. - Ashok Mehta

1. This is a one day Mantra Sadhana and it must be done on Kartik Purnima.
2. Sit facing the south direction at night wearing a red colored Dhoti and Kurta on a red Aasan in Padmasan.
3. Do Achaman, Pranayam, Bhumi Shuddhi and Aasan Shuddhi, Guru and Ganesh Puja and recite a Kavach of Hanuman or the Amogh Shiv kavach.
4. Make a triangle in front of you, on the ground using Kumkum.
5. Keep 5 Red Hakeek Stones in one corner, 5 Red Moonga Stones in one corner and 5 Rudraksh in the last corner.
6. Then light 3 oil lamps in an Earthen Diya and use sesame oil as the fuel. Keep 1 Diya in front of the Hakeek stones, 1 in front of the Munga Stones and 1 Diya in front of the Rudraksh.
The Diyas must be kept out side the triangle.
7. Make a mount of mustard seeds in the middle and keep a 4 Mukhi Diya on it. Use an Earthen Diya and use sesame oil in it. 4 Mukhi Diya means 1 Diya with 4 wicks in it facing 4 different directions. The wicks must be 4 and don't make the mistake of using 2 wicks for completing 4 directions. I have seen these Diyas in lots of temples and for such people, their destruction is imminent.
8. After that, recite the Mantra I am giving here for 21 Mala using a Red Hakeek Mala within that night itself.

This will complete the Mantra Prayog for Kartik Purnima.

If someone takes a Sankalp of winning lottery and does the Prayog, without any doubt he will become extremely rich through lottery.

While doing the Mantra Japa, look at the triangle continuously.

The Sadhak might experience some supernatural activities etc which must not be shared with anyone.

Needless to say this Mantra Prayog has to be done secretly.

Mantra : || Om namo aadesh ShriGuru ko gajaanan Veer basey, ab do ruddhi ka vardaan, jo jo maangu, so so aan, paanch laddu, seer sindur haat baat ka, maati masaan ki, sabb ruddhi hamare paas pathev, shabd sachaa, furo mantra ishvaro vaachaa ||

|| ॐ नमो आदेश श्री गुरु को गजानन वीर बसे, अब दो ऋद्धि का वरदान, जो जो मांगू सो सो आन, पांच लड्डु सिर सिंदूर हाट बाट का, माटी मसान की, सब ऋद्धि हमारे पास पठेव, शब्द साचा, फुरो मंत्रो ईश्वरो वाचा ।।

After completing 21 Mala, one must sleep there itself on ground and then in the morning, collect the stones and the Rudraksh, the mustard seeds and the Diyas, etc, n a red cloth and keep it in the east corner of the house. The place where you keep this package will become the home of Lakshmi.

Then, when you go for buying lottery tickets or for gaming, take the package with you in your pocket or somewhere on the body and then play the lottery.

Shabar Mantras can backfire if someone makes foolish mistakes. hence remember to the recite the Kavach.


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