Mantras that need Guru Diksha

In the past articles on Mantra Sadhana procedures and Niyam,  I had talked about the various categories of Mantras, which don't require Deeksha. Those categories do not apply to following Gods, which are listed below and their worship itself cannot be started without getting Deeksha. - Ashok Mehta

These Mantras include, Mantras of the deities listed below:
1. Sharabheshwar - it the most dangerous Upasana in Sanatan Dharma even for Gods. The person who does Sharabheshwar Upasana cannot be harmed even by the Gods.
2. Batuk Bhairav
3. Mahakal Bhairav
4. Krodh Bhairav - This Upasana is also forbidden without initiation.
5. Martand Bhairav
6. Hanuman as one of the 51 Veers
7. 10 Mahavidya - Their Sadhana doesn't need Deeksha but their Sadhana cannot be completed without the guidance of a Guru otherwise there will be dangerous results.
8. Bagalamukhi
9. Chinnmasta
10. Dhumaavati
11. Aghor
12. Apsara, Kinnareshwari and Yakshini Sadhana.
13. Shudra Sadhana like Bhut Sadhana, Pishach and Pisachini Sadhana
14. Kaula Achar – this is very very secretive kind of path of Upasana as compared to Dakshin Achar and Vaam Achar. It combines both. This Upasana as well as Kaula Achar Sadhana are very very secretive and hideous even for great Tantrika and Rishis. Rarely does any one know about a Kaula Achar Sadhak.
Their Mantras also are very rare and almost impossible to find.
15. Kamakala Kali – The most auspicious but the most difficult to please of Kali. Only and only due to great good deeds does one get to do her upasana.
16. Shri Vidya Upasana – this includes Bala Tripur Sundari, Shodashi and Maha Tripur Sundari.
First, the Sadhak gains Siddhi over Bala Tripur Sundari and then goes to Shodashi and finally Maha Tripur Sundari. She is also called as Lalita.
17. Pratyangira and Vipreet Pratyangira

All those above God's worship or Sadhana cannot be begun without Deeksha.

Other than the Mantra Sadhana procedure, I have shared, sometimes the Mantra Sadhanas have their own requirements like Kshetrapal Puja, Dvarpaal Puja, Yogini Puja, Bhairav Puja, Nav Grah Puja, etc.

All of these have not been shared by in the procedure because they do not apply to every Sadhana. One must hence get the said knowledge from a Guru

If the Sadhak doesn't have the Idol or Yantra of his god, he can do the Japa in a Shivalay or he can also do Japa by facing  - Sun, River, Vishnu, Pure Ghee Diya, a Havan, cow, or his Guru.

Keep in mind that there is difference between unavailability and unwillingness to do something. God knows well whether you actually had problem in buying the required articles or you were ignoring it. No one can fool god.


  1. Does maha mritunjay mantra needs diksha...?
    2 does the mantra sadhna rules applies if one does it for own health..?

    1. Maha mrityunjay mantra doesn't need deeksha. And as I have mentioned, sadhana rules apply for all events and all ages

  2. Respected sir,
    I have a few questions,
    1-do stotra sadhana also need diksha?

    2-please put some light on utkilan of mantras.

    3- I did mata BAGLAMUKHI beej mantra sadhana in navdurga days without diksha and sadhana got khandit,what should I do to avoid the punishment.


    1. 1. It differs from stotra to stotra
      2. I have already mentioned about this in the previous few articles. Kindly go through them again
      3. Just ask for forgiveness from your heart.

  3. Where I can get a real guru now a days? does it mean that all should not perform any sadhana?

  4. Very great information Ashok sir,thank u for sharing such valuable information

  5. Very good post Sir, your blog is very valuable for novices. Thanks a lot

  6. can i do durga mantra sadhana without guru deeksha

  7. Hai sir ..I have a doubt
    One person take guru deeksha for yakshini sadana ..sadana duration is 14 days but he chant 10 days only ...after some weeks he like to chant again ..does it need to take deeksha again ? kindly reply Neel sir

    1. Once you have taken Guru Diksha, it is for the entire Sadhana and not for a fixed number of days.
      However, the Guru you take Diksha from will be able to give you the exact information in case you wish to repeat the Sadhana.

  8. I believe if u dont have a guru. Fall in the feet of the adi guru sarveshwar shiv or his reincarnation guru gorakhnath. U can do any sadhana or mantras by worshipping them as gurus and request them to give success in the sadhana u do. Also it should be for a good cause or to protect you and your family.

    1. Baat apki kuch hadh tak theek hai :) Lakin Jab shabbar mantras, Maha Vidiyaon ki sadhna ya koi bhi uggar bhav ki sadhna kerogay toh guru lazmi hai kyu k un sadhaon k dauraan jo events or illusions hote hain uski information pehle se sidh guron ko hoti hai. jaise aaj 11th day hai aaj tumhare sath ye hoskta hai ye ho toh ye krna ye sath rkhna etc etc :) Dost tantra itna aasan nh h. Sadhnaon se acha hai denek puja kro bhav ki seva kro sab kuch milega woh bhi bagair khatron aur side effetcs k.

  9. What sort of danger comes from doing a sadhana of the 10 mahavidya without a guru?

  10. Mere pas apsara sadhna ki diksha nahi hai. Nahi mai guru ko janti hu to agar mai sirf apsara ka jap karu to wo mantra kya hona chahiye aur jap kaise karna chahiye? Usase koi nuksan to nahi hoga na?

    1. Dont do any sadhanaa to awakken any enttities from their realm they can be troublesome


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