Mantra to get Knowledge about Isht Mantra

Today I will share a special Mantra Prayog through which a person can get more knowledge about the Mantra Sadhana, which is being practiced by him.

Many times it happens that we do not know the procedure or are missing a part of the Mantra Sadhana procedure or many times we do not get the Viniyog of a Mantra. - Ashok Mehta

And as I have previously mentioned, doing Purashcharan without the Viniyog of the Mantra is powerless.

By chanting this Mantra, the Sadhak can get his required query about Mantra Sadhana answered in dreams.

The procedure of practicing the Mantra Prayog is very simple:
1. The Sadhak must sit on a Yellow Aasan or a Kush Aasan facing the east direction in the Brahma Muhurat.
2. He must keep a Chowki in front of him and spread a yellow cloth on it. On the Chowki, he must make a mount of rice and keep a Shiv Idol or Yantra or a Rudra Yantra on the mount of rice.
3. Then he must worship the 5 Maha Bhutas - Ganesh, Vishnu, Devi (Durga or Mahalakshmi), Surya and finally Rudra.
4. He must worship the idol or Yantra with popular articles used in Shiv Puja like rice, sesame seeds, raw milk, honey, etc.
5. After this he must take a Sankalp for his desired wish related to his Isht Dev or the Mantra Sadhana about, which he wants to know more or get other information.
6. He must chant this Mantra 5 rosaries daily for 21 days.

The Sadhak will definitely get his or her query answered in his dreams.

Mantra : ।। ॐ गुरु, गंगा, तीर्थानि सहस्त्राणि, कोटितीर्थानि मेव च ब्रह्मसुता कर्म स्पष्टताय नमः ।।
।। Om guru, gangaa, tirthaani, sahastraani, koti tirthaani meva cha brahmasuta karm spashtaay namaha ||


  1. Thank you so much Ashok sir,
    I always wonder how much knowledge you have acquired and how,
    But people like me don't have guru don't know anything and these are the knowledges I would like to know and not our useless education system
    But for me you are the only source of knowledge and information,once again Thank you sir

  2. is there any difference between shiva and rudra?

    1. Yes and no.
      The adhishthatra devta of Shiva mantras differ for each mantra.
      For example, the devta for Om namah shivaay is Ishaan
      while the adhishthatra devta of ॐ नमो भगवते रुद्राय is Rudra.
      When we talk about shiv, as compared to popular perception, Shiv has 5 faces - Aghor, Ishaan, Tatpurush, Vamadev sadyojaat.
      Aghor and Rudra are the same.
      All these 5 gods are different aspects of one god Sadashiv.

    2. Sir in one of your posts you told that Shankar manifested from Ishaan and Shiva manifested from Shankar ,
      And rudra is one of the 5 faces of sadashiva ,then rudra and Shiva aren't same , and some say rudra is the fearsome Avatar of Shiva ,
      Could you please summarise sir

    3. Yes that is true.
      But it's both ways. Like for example, your full name seems to be sanjay karanth. But that doesn't mean every body will call you sanjay karanth. They will only call you sanjay.
      Similarly, sadashiv is one but his names are many. Sadashiv is also called साम्ब, सदाशिव, शम्भू, शंकर
      When I say shiv it can be any one of the 5 shiv.
      Because they all are shiv only.
      The shiv we worship as ling is also sadashiv depending upon the ling.
      For example, some ling have 3 faced sadashiv on it.
      A 3 faced sadashiv is also called as rudra.

    4. Ok sir now I got it thank you so much for clearing my doubt!!!

  3. Namaste Ashok sir,in English version it is given as spashtaaya and in Hindi it is given as spashtathaya namaha,please check sir

  4. Respected Ashok Sir,
    Your posts are very informative but we can not store it's link or matter so that we can guide somebody in future,
    My query is what is Trailokya Vijay Stotra and maala ,it's impact on mankind ,can you throw some light on it please,

    1. She is a vidya who gives victory over 3 worlds.
      There isn't much to stay about her because Her name is self explanatory


  5. Mr. Mehta Ji,

    Please write articles on healing with limes/lemons.
    I have seen people do it and is interested in knowing.

    Thank you.


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