Hanuman Mantra to remove Adharm Terrorism and Enemies of Hindus

Today I will share a Hanuman Mantra through which we Hindus can bring about the growth of Hinduism and its values in this world.

The Hanuman Mantra is as powerful as an Astra and we Hindus can use it to remove all and every kind of enemies. - Ashok Mehta

According to Sanatan Dharma, there are various planes of existence. Hence, enemy does not necessarily mean a human but even bad thoughts, bad habits can be considered as enemies.

In today's world when Adharm, Paap, enmity and terrorism is on the rise, when the various countries are fighting with each other, when extremists of other religion are destroying our and other religions in the name of god, when they are doing atrocities through black magic, Tantrik Shat Karm Prayog, etc. When people are killing cows and Brahmins and sisters and mothers, when our religion is becoming enemies of our Dharma we must unite in order to protect our religion from this Adharm and save it from dying.

In such an event, we as real Sanatana Dharmis, must unite against this Adharm,  which is happening or will happen in the future and stop it and wipe out from the world.

So bad is the state of our religion that more than half of the Hindus do not even know about the Gayatri Mantra.

The Mantra I am now sharing ahead, in this article is for the growth of our religion and removal of all enemies whether material or spiritual.

Because when enemies of our Dharm are removed, the growth will automatically come.

Lord Krishna himself has said, that even despite so many bad qualities of Kaliyug, there will be one great benefit, which is the unity of people.

As long as we Hindus will live united our religion cannot vanish or cannot be harmed.

The Hanuman Mantra that I am sharing here must be chanted for 10 rosaries daily in order to increase Dharm and for the removal and complete annihilation or ruining of enemies.

One must use a Black Hakeek rosary for the Mantra Jap and keep the Mantra Prayog a secret. Once the Sadhak feels that his Prayog is complete, the Sadhak should not use the Mala again, the Sadhak must bury the Hakeek Mala in the ground in a secluded place or he must do Visarjan of the Mala in a river.

Mantra : ।। ॐ पूर्वकपिमुखाय पञ्चमुखिहनुमते ठं, ठं, ठं, ठं, ठं, सकलशत्रुसंहरणाय स्वाहा ।।

The Mantra Sadhana is not for any personal benefits however what one can do is that he can take a Sankalp of -
1. Getting all kinds of enemies removed, not only from your life, but also for the removal all the enemies of our Sanatana Dharm who are harming and doing atrocities against us Hindus.
2. For removing the sins done by us or Hindus as a whole and for increasing Dharm in the world and completely annihilating Adharm in this world and removing the bad luck, misfortune which has come up in our lives due to this Adharm.
3. To harm all of those who insult you or your religion.
4. To clean up the mess that has arose up in your own religion and to protect yourself from this danger.

When Lord Krishna himself has said that unity is the biggest beneficiary of Kaliyug then why not reap it. If Adharm is removed no person will ever feel sadness because there won't be any reason of feeling sad.

Poverty, unhappiness, diseases, hatred, enmity all these are only and only caused due to our own bad deeds and if bad deeds only go away, then there will not be any reason for problems in life.

Other than what I have specified, you can chant this mantra in a Hanuman Mandir or Shivalay for a million times more benefits.

If Hindus do not unite for standing and protecting our religion, we all will very soon see the end of Sanatana Dharma within the next 20 years. This is truth.


  1. Very very great information Ashok sir but I think we should unite and should completely wipe out the terrorism from the face of Earth ,
    One thing I would like to share with you I don't know whether you will believe or not I have got a initiation while I was chanting Hanuman chalisa About this but I don't know how to execute it. From that time I started doing research on our Sanatan Dharma ,and so only I was trying to get that answer,which can be answered by him ,that is I was searching for mantras which will give clear answer in dream!!!

    1. Many people get initiation the way you have got.
      I have shared a mantra in the past on Mantra diksha and karma bodh. Chant that mantra and you will get any, dharma or mantra sadhana related query answered.

    2. why do you place the english version sier....so who cannot read hindi can will understand,,sir

  2. Thank U Ahok Sir for sharing this mantra

  3. Greatest Article ever, Everyone Must do it.

  4. Yes Sir.But I also wish there was a mantra by which if successful,Lord Hanuman will himself come and fight the battle for you.and WIN of course.

  5. Dear Sir,
    I know it sounds crazy but is there any mantra sadhana to get superpowers like those mentioned in this post.

    interesting to read.

  6. Dear Ashok Sir,
    With this Hanuman sadhana we cane easily fight and triumph over Jihad.Hinduism will spread.Hindus are the bravest warriors in the world.Indian history has proved that nuclear weapons of today had their first reference in the divya astras of mahabharat.Hindus will trumph with Hanumanji.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Sir, please provide translitration.

  9. Ashok Sir
    This is specific mantra for enemy trouble .
    I had used this previously in a court case matter and the results were favourable . But do you have a prayog to severly punish or considerably harm the people who do injustice? and at the ame time do not harm the sadhaka ( like evry one cannot control the energy generated by destruction or maran mantras)
    Method used by me in this Hanuman Prayog(the one posted)
    Better perform in shivalay rather than in home
    Night time sadhana
    specifically from tuesday
    east facing (Purva kapi Mukh )
    Red clothes
    Oil lamp

    1. Yes there is. But if the sadhak, the mantra will backfire. The mantra for your requirement is Narasimha mantra. I have shared the same and kindly look for it Vishnu Mantras section

  10. Namaste Ashok Ji,

    thank you for bringing light on this great mantra and opeing out eyes. I think we shld all chant this mantra and make a revalution. Its about time.

    Sir, just one request. Could you please send the mantra printed in English, just to ensure the pranounciation.

    thanks & regards,Savitha

  11. For those who are all asking for translation..
    Om poorvakapimukhaya panchamukhihanumate tham tham tham tham tham sakalashatrusamharanaya swaha

  12. Namaste Ashok sir,im having a sincere request
    I need complete procedure of Hanuman beej mantra Sadhana 'fraum', I have searched for this in many granth,books but I couldn't find it,i need this procedure by which one can achieve sidhhi over it or get pratyaksh darshan of lord Hanuman etc like as u told in Bhuvaneswari beej mantra Sadhana'hreem',i will be very very grateful to you if you provide the procedure!!

    1. Please sir it's my sincere request , please if you have the procedure please provide it!!

  13. sir please send saraswati mantra can jap without mala for education


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