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Main Component of Mantra Sadhana - Part 2

Lord Shankar has very clearly said that the person who always sweet talks' everyone, the person who is a miser, greedy about money, a person who steals money or takes away someone Else's money with or without his knowledge, the person who always keeps on thinking sexually or even normally about a girl – all of these will never get Mantra Siddhi. - Ashok Mehta

The person who doesn't give alms to beggars, the one who does a Sadhana incorrectly or does not use the required materials or uses substandard quality materials for the Sadhana, the person who doesn't want to understand the problems of the people, the one who does not have mercy feeling for people, the person whose only aim in life is to hoard more and more money out of greed and who will go to any extent for it, the one who steals any kind of Puja or Dharma articles like idols, temples, Yantras, Malas, Vedas, Puran, etc, the one who insults somebody else or does not respect their parents or Gods – all these people will be the home of 1000 different kinds of sadness and poverty in life. This is an experienced fact.

The person who does Adharma, the one who engages in incest, the one who stares at private parts of women in public, the person who always engages himself in some or the other kind of sexual activity, the one who eats non veg just because other religions eat non veg, the one who takes intoxicants, the one who make women do unnatural sex like making them drink their semen, the one who breaks his Mala intentionally or unintentionally, the one who harms or kills a cow, a Brahmin, his daughter or son or wife or parents, the one who looks for every chance to have sex, the who ignores Shri Rama, Shiv or Krishna, the one who does not understand or does not want to understand the significance and power of daily donation to poor or does not want to understand their sufferings and difficulties in life --- Forget about Vaikunth, such people won't get a place even in the worst Narak Lok. Not only this, the person who does this will die a miserable death and will be ridden by innumerable diseases even in his death bed. He will face an incurable disease and suffer from it for whole life.

The person who does not remain clean and hygienic, the one who does not get up and have bath in Brahma Muhurat daily,  the one who eats spicy foods, un-hygienic fast foods, sour foods, non veg and alcohol or alcoholic foods, the one who eats rice a lot – such people can never become millionaires no matter what they do.

The person who is always sexual or engages in sex - Is never blessed by Gods because his thoughts words and actions are impure. He will constantly suffer from diseases and get new disease or repetitive diseases for whole life.

He can never ever get rich in his whole life. Even meeting his daily needs will become difficult for such a person because Lakshmi Maa never stays in the house where such a person resides.

A person who is on the verge of death due to an incurable disease might get blessed with immortality but a person who is Kamuk will never get blessings of god even if he has performed 1000 Ashvamedh Yagya.

It is impossible for such a person to get Siddhi over any Sadhana. Even  entering the temple by such a person would be equal to  someone who hasnt bathed for eons been entering.

The procedure that I have mentioned was for the first day. From the second day, only steps 6 to 10, 12 to 17 and Purashcharan part must be done. Havan can be done all together in the end of the Sadhana.

Homa is said to be 10 times more powerful than Puruscharan Japa, Tarpan is said to be 100 times more powerful than Japa, Marjan is said to 10000 more powerful than Tarpan, Brahman Bhojan is said to be 10 lac times more powerful than Marjan and donation or Daan is said to be 1 crore times more powerful than Brahmin Bhojan.

Hence, they are necessary in every Sadhana. If you do not do them, you chances of success will equally less.

Keep in mind that a Sadhana is not as easy as every one thinks. Nor is Sadhana meant to be easy. Sadhana is always tough. If you make your own rules then how even can someone get success in the Sadhana.

But the benefit of Sadhana are immense. Because a Sadhana doesn't give temporary effects for 2-3 years. But, it's effects lives till your death.

Neither is Sadhana easy nor will it ever be. The procedure i have shared above is for all. Then, it doesn't matter whether someone is a Maha Rishi or a 6 year old kid. If someone wants to do a Mantra Siddhi Sadhana, this is how it must be done. No one can escape from this procedure.

Because many people do not have Guru, I shared these articles with the aim took enlighten many people.

However many people cannot do Sadhana; such people can always try Mantra Prayog instead of Purashcharan. Prayog is not bound by so many rules.

The rules are very tough to follow but there is no way out. If someone does a Sadhana as per his own comfort level, he will never get Siddhi. Such people do not realize that they are trying to please a god and not a human. A god can give you things which will impossible for you to achieve.

Not only this, doing a mantra as per your comfort is a disrespect of god because he is the one who decides the procedure of a Sadhana. If you do not follow those rules, you are not valuing God's words.

Sometimes, some Sadhanas attract energies of lower lokas or sometimes divine energies. In such event, Sadhak must recite Shanti Stotra dedicated to Shankar through which, all such problems will go away. This Stotra will soon be shared by me in the future.

Other than this, following are a few points which must be remembered in all events -
1. Mantras which contain Beej Mantras "हुं फट्" or फट्  are male Mantras and can only be chanted by men. Mantras which contain वषट् are female Mantras and can only be chanted by females. Mantras which have Namah in it can be chanted by anyone.

2. The Mala, Yantra or idol must be energized and non energized will not work.

3. Laziness, yawning, sleep, sneeze, spitting, fear, touching private parts, anger, spreading legs, talking with anyone else, touching anything or moving your body or doing anything other than Japa is forbidden.

3. A Mala made of gold, silver and Kush grass works in all worship of all Gods and goddesses. Except for Durga and Shiv where Gold Mala cannot be used.

4. Aasan made of gold, silver, Kush(Kush Aasan), red velvet Aasan work in Puja of all Gods or Goddesses.

5. One must wear, Kush ring, gold ring or silver ring in his thumb, ring finger and middle finger during Japa. If you are using a Kush ring then it must two fold and a new ring must be made and used every time you sit for Japa. If you are using gold or silver ring then it must be pure gold or silver and it must washed in Gangajal every day and then be used.

6. Touching the idol of Shankar and Vishnu is strictly forbidden for Shudras, females and a Brahmin without Yagyopavit.

7. Touching rice, food grains, flowers Chandan is forbidden during the entire Japa period. Doing counting using the same is forbidden in Sadhana.

8. One must not keep idol longer than thumb height in house according to our religious books. Though I don't believe in this thing and it is a matter of faith. Which it is forbidden is that when we bring any idol home, one must energize it and only then worship otherwise your worshiping will go meaningless.

This is only half truth. Because worshiping an energized idol is definitely million times more beneficial than worship only the plain idol, but faith has its own importance. And if you have faith, god himself will come to reside in that idol, without doing any Pran Pratishtha and bless you.

9] 1 Shivling, 1 Shankh, 2 Sun Idol or Yantra, 1 Shaligram Shila, 1 Dvaarikaa Chakra, 2 Ganesh and 2 Devi Idol are the limits and keeping more than this limit will cause Vidveshan in house.

Idols touched by a sick person, idols that are broken and then ones that have fallen on ground can never be worshipped.

10] Tulsi and Bel Patra can be reused many times. A lotus, white lotus, rose and Champa flowers can be offered to any and every Gods or Goddesses. A Champa flower usually works for every god except Durga.

11] If direction is not specified, one must face east or north east.

12] Anything made of gold, silver or Kush is the best for Puja. This applies to everything like Aasan, Mala, idol, Yantra, Chowki, Vastra, etc

13] Earthen articles like Diya cannot be used in Saraswati Upasana.

14] Japa done without Homa, Tarpan, Marjan, Brahman Bhojan and Daan is called as an Ang-Heen Sadhana.

Note- New information on these points will be posted in the near future, when they become available.
Neel N is the founder of He tells you in English and Hindi about Spells, Vashikaran, Yakshinis and all Hindu and Islamic Mantras and Yantras. The Prophecies, Revolutions of India and the coming World Wars of the Bible, Kalki Avatar and Nostradamus. The Mantra and Remedies for Healthy Living and Exploring the Unknown Universe.


  1. Sir u did not mention what happens to a person who indulges in violence just for pleasure and one who is a physical and sexual abuser of children?what is the punishment for those who abuse children?u know children are to be always treated with love and care.

  2. Ashok sir,please publish a post on procedure of energising mala and idols

  3. Ashok Sir, i don't understand, something, what about Grihasta-s ?
    They have sex, so they can't be blessed by god ?

    1. Sex is forbidden during sadhana days. Not otherwise.

    2. Ashok sir, could I get your email id? I need your help and discussing things in public won't be good.

      I am a good person, haven't committed any major sin but need to control my senses, specially there are some problems which have manifested from my desires of past life at the moment of death.

  4. Sir, please refer point 9. I have many idols of Gods and goddess at my puja place . Does this mean is not good? Also ganesha idols are more than 2 in a home normally. So that is all not good? Best regards

    1. Yes, as mentioned by me, keeping more than that limit will cause vidveshan

    2. So, what to do with these Idols? Should i keep under the tree? Or I do Mantra Japa for many God/Goddess daily? Should i do Mantra Japa for 2 God/Goddess only? regards

  5. Sir i have 2 ram darbar 2 panch mukhi hanuman ji n 4 kishan ji murti
    Can i keep them

  6. Murti is statue only ? Are pictures considered as murti or not ? Sorry much for the question but i'm not indian. I have just one statue but a lot of pictures on my altar

    1. Pictures are fine. But idols are not allowed much. Murti means idol or statue


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