Bhojan Gyan for Mantra Sadhana

In this article, I will explain the importance of Bhojan or food and the proper method of consuming it during the course of a Mantra Sadhana.

Bhojan Gyaan:
In the Bhagvat Gita, it is mentioned that in the Kaliyug, people will eat unhealthy food without any limit. However, during Mantra Sadhana days, one cannot behave in this manner. - Ashok Mehta

During the Sadhana days, if a person only and only drinks raw milk, he will definitely get Siddhi after 1 lac Mantra Chants. If a person has proper food one time a day, then he will require 3 lakh Mantra Chants for getting Siddhi.

1. If a Sadhak is having one time food then, the Sadhak must have food on a Banana Leaf which is also called as Brahma Patra. Banana leaves are very easily available in the market.

2. In the Banana Leaf, food must not be served at the north, middle and south part of the leaf. Food can only be served on the east and west side of the leaf.

3. Again keep in mind that if you do a Mantra Sadhana while having 1 time food, you will require to do the Mantra Jaap 3 lac times.

4. Food can only be eaten facing the east.

5. Every day the Sadhak must bring 4 Banana Leaves.

6. The Sadhak must sit on a Kush Aasan and first collect the food, which he wants to eat on the sides of one leaf

7. A Grihasth must keep in the first leaf, food equal to eight medium sized bowls. A Van Prasth or a person who has given up on worldly life and lives in jungle must collect 4 bowls. A Brahmachari can have as many bowls as per his hunger.

8. After collecting food on the first leaf, he must first worship the Panch Maha Bhutaas-Surya, Ganesh, Durga, Rudra, Keshav and his Isht Dev. There are various Shlokas for it but I am not sharing them because they are just an official form of what we want to Portray.  Hence, one must just say a small prayer and thank the gods for the food you are having and request them to keep the food free from absolutely any kind of material or spiritual Dosha.  Separate this one collection of food into 4 Parts.

9. For a Grihasth, there are 8 parts of food so one must separate the bowl into quantities of 2 bowls each.

So this way, there will be 4 leaves with 2-2 bowls of food in each of them.

9. A) After saying the prayer, the Sadhak must give the 1st leaf to a Brahman and give him Dakshina.
B) The second leaf should be given to a Cow. The Sadhak must feed the cow himself.
C) The third part must be given to your guest to eat. If you don't have a guest, you can leave it in front of a Peepal tree or leave it in front of Shiv, the Eternal Guru.
D) The Sadhak must eat the food of the fourth leaf himself along with his son. If you don't have a son, eat yourself.

Mantra Sthaan:
The location of the Sadhana can give or steal the success in a Mantra Sadhana.
For knowledge about location, kindly refer this post: - Mantra Sadhana Rules and Regulations

Mantra, Teerth, Brahman, God, Jyotishi, Medicine and guru- the result one gets from them depends upon your faith in them. If your think negatively, they will give negative results. If you think positively or have intense faith and devotion you will definitely get success from them. This is a universal principle of life.


  1. And all the food should be strictly veg?

    1. In hinduism, non veg food is only utilised in vaam marg

  2. Happy Danteras to Ashok Sir and Neel Sir

  3. Happy Dhanteras 2 Ashok Sir And Neel Sir

  4. Thanks neel sir and Ashok sir for all this valuable information till date and wish you both a very happy and prosperous Diwali in advance.

  5. Sir. Raw milk can b had how many times in a day?

  6. Happy narak chaturdashi and prosperous Diwali to both gurus neel and Ashok sir maa lakshmi bless you :)

  7. Wish you a Happy Deepawali Neel Ji and Ashok Ji Maharaj


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