Surya Mantra Experiment to Win Over Triloka

In this article, I am describing a very beneficial Surya Mantra Prayog through which a person can win over all the 3 worlds. This particular Surya Mantra Experiment makes the use of a most effective,  popular and famous Surya Mantra, which has been written about in many earlier articles on this site. - - Ashok Mehta

The three worlds or Tri-Loka in Hinduism are a generalized term for the three broad planes of existence/consciousness [further sub-divided in other planes], the Dev Loka, Bhu or Prithvi Loka and Patala or Narak Loka.

The Surya Mantra has to be chanted 1.25 lac times by the Sadhaka within 11 Sundays.
After that, he must write the Mantra on a Bhojpatra using Asht Aandh and then wear it on his right bicep. It the Sadhak does this,  he will, definitely, without any doubt, win over all the three worlds.

Mantra: || ॐ घृणि: सूर्य आदित्यः ||

Other than what is specified by me above, the rest of the  procedure of chanting the Mantra is mentioned in the post published earlier on the immense uses and benefits of this particular Surya Mantra. That post can be seen here - Benefits of Surya Mantra


  1. dear guruji i have some querries regarding hanumaan mantra to achieve anything in this world please answer my querries

  2. Namaste guru ji,
    It's adorable work you and feel sir is doing,would like to have advices from you as I have guru ji from last many year they given this mantra to my mother and told that it should be started from Sunday and completed 1.25lakhs gaps till next Sunday in total eight days but you mention that it shud be done in total 11sunday so,m little confuse I have to do Jap as this mantra is tested with my mother it's work wonderful pls advice me

    1. If your guru told to complete mantra chant in 8 days then you must do it in 8 days.

  3. Guruji pranam ,
    Is it necessary to tie mantra in biceps.Which rosary one has to use for mantra jap.

    1. It is necessary if someone wants to win over. Otherwise not. You can use a rudraksha or red chandan rosary

  4. So, this has to be recited only on sundays?

  5. Ashok ji, Pranams,

    Just few query -
    1. The mantra earlier noted was -
    Aum Gruni Suryaya Aditya MU, Mu is missed or the mantra is up to Aditya,
    In some earlier post Mu was part of the mantra, Pls Clarify,
    2. Dhyan and Viniyoga has to be done as per other surya mantra Sadhana, for this mantra also,
    3. As my Altar is facing north, can I face north to do this mantra Sadhana,
    4. Ardhya, has to be done only after mantra Japan for the day, or before starting,
    5. This is to some in 11 Sundays only, completion of 1.25 mantras, NO havan, ???
    6. Can we start from Diwali Sunday, though it is not A sukla paksha???

    Pls clarify,

    Thanks n regards

    1. 1. The aditya mu version is a different mantra and this is a different mantra.
      I have never shared a post you are talking about.
      2. This mantra doesn't have viniyog and dhyaan shlok. You can recite as it is
      3. This Mantra sadhana should only be done facing east early in the morning
      4. Before japa
      5. No havan
      6. You can

  6. Guruji, Please guide me
    1. You mentioned "AFTER" this, means after reciting every sunday or after reciting 11 sundays?
    2. Can Asht Andh and Bhojpatra be substituted with anything else as I have no idea where to buy them in North America and in fact I have never seen them ever?
    3. After tying this on Right Bicep, how many days person has to wear it as even Mauli that you tie on hands go bad after few days.
    4. By doing this Particular recital, Is it beneficial for job/business, economic downfall, difficulty with getting parental inheritance, good for health, and happy family life?

    1. 1. Elaborate
      2. No
      3. You can change the mauli when needed
      4. This mantra will be fruitful for people who have given up on worldly life. Because only chanting and doing some tantra does not provide you victory over all three worlds. Victory over 3 world is only achieved by those who deserve it and are correct for it.
      For your wish, I suggest you to do the lakshmi sahasranaam stotra sadhna I recently posted

  7. Ashok ji Pranams,
    In continuation to my last query, kindly check a post on " Best Surya mantra" and the mantra is as - Dhruni Surya Aadityu, my query is -
    1. Is this mantra is different to the mantra in this post,
    2. The mantra in this post is Dhruni or Ghrani - Surya aadityaha , kindly clarify,
    As I have already started this Sadhana,

    Thanks n regards

    1. 1. The mantra has various variations. is Ghrunihi

  8. Pranam,11 sunday Tak non veg chhodna padega,Kya 11 sunday Tak patni se dur rehna padega,yani physical relation nehi rakhna padega yaa sirf Sunday me ye sab rule Mann na padega.please please please please bataie.

    1. That has not been mentioned in the post, hence, there is no need to leave non-veg food for these 11 Sundays.

  9. This means u will have power and get the attention of all the 3 worlds?


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