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Vashikaran By Shukar Dant Experiment

Vashikaran By Shukar Dant or an Voodoo Spell of attraction and enchantment using the tooth of a pig/boar is one of the most famous and popular of the Vashikaran Mantra Experiments.  Such Indian Occult Black-magic Spells are practiced to put a Spell on any desired man or woman or to enhance and increase the love and affection between lovers or a husband and wife. In this post, I have described a most simple and easy to perform Vashikaran Experiment of preparing a Tabeez [ cloth locket] using the Shukar Dant.

The Shukar Dant Vashikaran Totka can be practiced on any day by following the two simple steps given below:
1] The practitioner has to take a tooth of a dead Shukar and using Ashtagandha or Raktchandana write down the name of the person who has to be put under a Voodoo Spell of Attraction on the tooth. A Neem Kalam, meaning a pointed stick of the Neem Tree should be used as the writing instrument.

2] Then the tooth should be stitched inside a Black Tabeez and offered Dhoop and Deep and worn around the neck like a locket.

The Vashikaran By Shukar Dant Experiment is also said to resolve fights, disagreements and differences between the husband-wife or lovers.

Notes- The Shukar is also called as the Varaha and a Varaha Mantra is used to infuse the Shukar Dant because the Varaha or Boar is one of the Dasha Avatars of Lord Vishnu.

The Vashikaran Tantra described by me in this article does not need any kind of Mantra Infusion as can be practiced as described in this article.

The success of such stand-alone Vashikaran Experiments largely depends upon the faith and intensity with which they are performed, hence, I am not in a position to blindly vouch for the success or failure of this Vashikaran Experiment.

Neel N is the founder of He tells you in English and Hindi about Spells, Vashikaran, Yakshinis and all Hindu and Islamic Mantras and Yantras. The Prophecies, Revolutions of India and the coming World Wars of the Bible, Kalki Avatar and Nostradamus. The Mantra and Remedies for Healthy Living and Exploring the Unknown Universe.


  1. This sukhar dant can be used how many time ? if our need is fulfil

    1. You can continue using the same locket, even if the need is fulfilled to fulfill other needs and hopes.

  2. Can we use Shukar Dant which someone is already wearing or take a new Teeth and Does we have to purchase asthgandha from Market or Make it at home yourself..

    1. Better to use a new Shukar Dant and purchase ashtagandha from the market, if you know how to make it at home, then you can prepare it at home.

  3. Does it need to be done to face a particular direction,Nakshatra,yoga,time,Hora .
    Or we can do it any time and does it have any side effect if something wrong

    1. As mentioned in the article it is a stand-alone Tantra and you can do it anytime, it will have no side-effects.

    2. hi neel sir i have shukar dant very big one .but i have ( brass cap hanger ) on mine but it is not pure silver i was told i cannot use brass - peetal as a cap hanger on my shukar dant as it will not get energized ? is this true neel sir ? its a beautiful piece i dont want to mess around with it but if i have to change it to silver then i dont have a choice please let me know ungently as amasya is 4 days away my email is

    3. In my opinion, there is no need to change the cap, Brass Cap can also be used.

    4. thank you neel sir for the information .Neel sir i done the energizing of the shukar dant
      on sunday 8th august 2021 i started the siddhi after 9.30pm when it went really dark.

      dear neel sir i washed the sukhar dant on saturday with ganga jal then mixed gana jal with milk and rose water put it in a copper handi then put sukhar dant in the handi and wrapped it in red cloth and l left it in the pooja room and gave it doop for 5 times a day
      on sunday evening next day at 8pm i took the sukhar dant and empty the ganga jal mixed with milk and rose water and cleaned it with fresh ganga jal and
      i put dhoop deep on red cloth on a copper plate in front of batuk bhairav photo and kaal bhairav yantra as i did not have kaal bhairav photo then put the shukar dant the red cloth infront of batuk bhairav and asked for blessing from him to help energize the sukhar dant and forgive me for any mistakes i make and then done kaal bhairav aarti and vishu aarti and done guru dattatreya aarti as he is my isht dev ,i done shiv mantra 108 mala as a blessing before i do siddhi mantra . I light mustard oil lamp for bhairav ji and light ghee lamp for vishnu ji and guru dattatreya ji and also kali mata then

      i done the siddhi mantra 1008 times the mantra was OM HREEM KLIM SHREE VAARAH DANTAY BHAIRAVAY NAMAH after finished i leave the sukhar dant infront of bharaiv ji done pray and went to sleep .next morning i wake up and had shower the done doop to shukar dant and asked bharaiv for his bleesing and put the shukar dant on .

      as soon as i put the shukar dant on my previous headaches i used to have started again after putting on the shukar dant .

      i used to have bad headaches to many years they start 4 days before full moon and 4 days before new moon for many years when i go to sleep in my bedroom really bad smell comes between 11:30pm and 3am it smells like rotton eggs really bad.
      i have been to hospital many times they say nothing wrong with fit and healthy
      blood check fine sugar fine vitims all good head scan all good .
      then i went to hindu temple in uk baba balak nath . he said its my granmother who is dead need to ghaathi .then went to another baba balak nath temple and he said the same its my granmother need to do ghathi . I did not mention anything to the pandits on both ocassions they told me them selfs. Then i went to the mosque in the uk
      the peer saab took my name and my moms name and write it on white plain paper .
      then she said someone done black magic to you and have made a doll of you with some of your hair .the person who made the doll is very good at wot they are doing.
      so i asked if they can sort it out he said yes but its going to cost £300 pounds ? i said ok thats fine but is there a gaurantee its not going to come back? he said 6 months and he has to come to my house as well .well neel sir i said i think about it and let him know as £300 pounds is a lot of money and only 6 months gaurantee .

      he said ok but before i went he said your right leg herts and you cant walk sometimes as your in pain? i was suprised when he told me that as i did not tell him that.

    5. he said wait to me ?and said put your hand under neath your right leg were the pain is?so i put my hand underneath my right leg and waited . the paper with my name and my moms name the peer baba hit it with his hand very hard then he said can you feel the heat coming out of your leg? after a few mins alot of heat came out of my leg and my leg was normal i felt very light . i said to the peer baba wot did you do my legs better? she started smiling and said just to let you know im not a fake baba i have good jinns working with me .he said go home and think about it and ask your family then if you wish come back.but i was worried about the £300 pounds and the gaurantee .
      but sadly i did not go back for 3 yrs and then found out that peer baba had passed away when he went to pakistan . bad luck for me

      any way neel sir why the shukar dant not working have i made some mistake ?
      it is 100% real but im not sure about if the sukhar was killed by hunters or poachers or it died of natural death . i did ask the person were i buy it from he said its 100% genuine and original and he said the person that sold it to him said the wild boar tusk was from a genuine boar that died of natural death he also said if i dont work then i will give money back just return the shukar dant back. im really upset now dont know wot i have done wrong please advise me neel sir and also neel sir can you tell me a genuine heeler that can help me get my life back and stop these people doing kala jadu to me or even give me something to wear that kala jadu will not work on me and go back to them.thats why i bought the shukar dant as i herd this will help me the best way or 52 veer kangan but i dont want 52 veers i would want narsingh veer kaal bahrav veer hunuman veer and batuk bairav vee

  4. Replies
    1. no, it will not backfire, if your mind is clean.

  5. My few observations regarding shukar dant . This teeth is not from any pig but only the one obtained from wild pig will work. And there are four teeth which are exposed like big tusk ,two of upper jaw and two of lower jaw.the upper jaw one will work and if the lower jaw tooth is used then it will backfire or will not produce desired effect.
    Very difficult to obtain. Only those in forest can provide it. Cost five to ten thousand rs.
    As far as the above experiment is considered if you don't have astagandha ,which is again difficult to procure as the one in market is not the original one, orange colour sketch pen can also be used for the same .
    Now as far the Sidhi is considered what I have learnt is that it's done with varahi devi mantra not with the varah mantra . Thanks

    1. The wild boar part is correct, ashtagandha should be genuine for the success of the experiment. The Mantra which is usually used is - Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Varaha Dantaya Bhairavaya Namah

  6. Dear sir recently I came across a simple method to energise shukar dant . Day - amavasya. Apply alsi oil over shukar dant and then apply black colour kajal on it .Lit a Diya with alsi oil in front and keep the tooth and burning Diya overnight .Better if done in balcony or terrace .
    100 percent work and best for solving husband wife disharmony. Mind it original tooth is required and also not by killing the boar but obtained after its natural death. Thanks. Will be happy to answer on topic at

  7. respected neel sir,
    where can i get the siddh shukar dant.i need it immidietly because i am facing a court case and suspended from job and financial problem also.

  8. We're can I get this shukar danth I really need it it's very very important for me to get facing court case problem in relationship also also am seek facing lungs problem

  9. Almost impossible to get tooth of living pig or boar. Tooth of killed pig is easily available from pork shop. Else msg me.

    1. Hi brother if the wild boar is killed to gain tusk/tooth it does not work as you have had i killed for your benefit it does say in most videos . I thing i have the same problem as i bought the tusk but don't know why its not working after i done siddhi thats why i ask aneel sir for advise .i still looking for wild boar tusk hear in the uk people hear are good an honest and tell the real truth about the tusk .


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