Vashikaran Love Spell By Urination

In this post, I have described a rare and secret Vashikaran By Urine Totka, which is said to bring and desired man or woman under a powerful spell of attraction. This unique Vashikaran Experiment to bewitch any man or woman for the purpose of love or marriage has been taken from the Kamaratna Tantra, which is an ancient Assamese Tantrik Text.

There are many rare and unique Vashikaran Totke contained in the Kamaratna Tantra, which is a compilation on ancient Indian Occult and Voodoo practices practiced in the ancient kingdom of Kamarupa, which stretched over most parts of the states, which are located in the eastern part of India.

The Vashikaran Totka or Attraction Experiment described in this post is one of the many such paranormal experiments for a wide and diverse range of purposes contained in the Kamaratna Tantra. Most of these experiments are practiced using an Infusion Mantra, however, the one described in this post is a stand-alone Vashikaran Experiment, which does not need any kind of Mantra Infusion.

The Vashikaran By Urination Experiment:
The practitioner should pick up the mud from the spot of the left foot-print of the targeted man or woman. This mean the spot where the targeted person was standing or walking.

Then the practitioner should mix the mud with blood of a Chameleon, Girgit in the Hindi language and prepare a doll, which he or she must assume is a doll of the targeted person.

The he or she should burry the Mud Doll [Putli] in the place of Urination of the targeted person.

The Kamratna Tantra says that when the targeted person Urinates over that spot where the mud doll is burred, then that person become bewitched with the practitioner and become attracted towards him or her like a magnate.

Note- Article published solely for giving interesting knowledge about ancient Hindu paranormal practices  and not to advocate the practice of the same.


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