Future Indo Pak War Predictions and Result

The topic, which crops every time there is tension on the India-Pakistan Border, more specifically the Line of Control dividing the two countries in Kashmir is what will happen if there is a Indo-Pak war. In the past few days the tension has cropped up once again in the aftermath of the Cross-Border Surgical Strikes by Indian Army Commandos to destroy terrorist launch pads in Pak Occupied Kashmir.

Each time this topic crops up there is talk of a devastating nuclear war and destruction of unimaginable magnitude leading up to the much Prophesied War of Armageddon, the Third World War and the India’s role in this Great War.

Coming back to the much expected and awaited Indo- Pak War, there are astrological predictions all over the net, based upon the horoscopes of India and Pakistan, which have studied in detail and all sorts of pre and post war scenarios have been predicted.  As pointed out by me on many earlier occasions, astrological predictions can go horribly wrong as the exact science of the ancient art of Hindu Jotyish Shastra has yet to be fully uncovered.

The most reliable and accurate paranormal method of interpreting global events, in my opinion is through the study of the prophetic scriptures and the writings of the prophets of the by-gone era who had the ability to transcend time and peep into the future. Over the past many years this site has been interpreting prophecies and predictions made by various prophets and prophetic texts, including the Prophecies of Nostradamus and the Hindu Prophecies relating to the dawn of the age of the last Avatar of Vishnu, the Kalki Avatar.

The major highlights of the Indo Pak War Future War Results based upon some of the Quatrains contained in the Centuries of Nostradamus  as interpreted in earlier articles-
The war between India and Pakistan as mentioned many years earlier is some of my articles centers not around the disputed region of Kashmir, but on and around the rich and fertile plains of the Pakistani Punjab, which is the heart and soul of Pakistan. The detailed prophecy of Nostradamus regarding the war in Punjab can be seen here - The Great War in Punjab

The nearest interpretation regarding the much anticipated nuclear war, its aftermath and the complete annihilation of the Pakistani Punjab, which has been described by Nostradamus in the Centuries as the “Land of the Five Rivers” can be seen here -  Total Destruction of Pakistan

The above forecast comes strikingly close to the descriptions of a “Nuclear Holocaust” at the end of which, the Pakistani Punjab, the heartland of Pakistan and the glue that binds that country disappears of the map.

All in all the future Indo-Pak War will be the last and final episode in the unending tensions between the two nations, after which, Pakistan ceases to exist.

The future Indo-Pak War will be of a very short duration and will end very quickly.

Almost all the destruction and loss of life and property will be on the Pakistani side.

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Disclaimer- All the predictions are based upon the interpretations of the Prophecies of Nostradamus and not the personal opinion of the author.


  1. A war between India and Pakistan is inevitable, there is no escape, whoever strikes first and takes the initative will win.
    A sizable section of the Indian population lack the nerve, whereas the Jihadis belive that YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE

  2. Pakistan has bled India for 70 years. Time has one to have peace for both nations. Pakistan us not a nation. It is basically punhabi generaks having a good time and the rest of the nation suffering. It is about time India dies something.

  3. I was looking for indias prediction for 2017 really missing that..are you planning to add it..

  4. Hahahha you better read those which has already proved...if you need assistance i will share with you those prophecies which says internal problems in india post the 3rd pak india war and in the 4rth war India will no more exist on the map


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