Yantras for House and Business Protection

In this article, I have described the process of making at home, Yantras for protection of the house or business.  Such Indian safety talismans, which are called in the Hindi language as Ghar Ya Vyapar Suraksha Yantras are said to be effective in protecting the house or business from Mooth, Maran, Buri Nazar, Kala Jadu Tona Prayog and all other kinds of evil, dangerous black-magic spells. These Tantra are also said to be effective in eradicating Vastu-Dosha from the home or business place.

The simple procedure of making and using the Yantras for the protection of the business or home from paranormal forces is as follows:
1] The Yantra can be made in the morning of any Shubh Muhurat, Tithi, Jyotish Yoga or Hindu Festival.

2] Select any two of the four numerological combinations given below by me and draw them in a nine square box drawn on a piece of white paper, using the little finger of the right hand with a paste prepared by mixing Shendur with Pure Clarified Ghee of a Cow.
First Yantra 
First Row – 1 -  6 – 4
Second Row – 7 -  2 – 8
Third Row – 5-  9 – 3

Second Yantra 
First Row  - भ. -  भ. - भ.
Second Row – भ. -  भ. -  भ.
Third Row – भ. -  भ. - भ.

Third Yantra 
First Row  - कां. -  कां. -  कां.
Second Row – कां. -  कां. -  कां.
Third Row – कां. -  कां. - कां.

Fourth Yantra
First Row – 10 – 15 – 13
Second Row –  16 – 11 – 17
Third Row –  14 – 18 – 12

3] Worship both the Yantras and light a Pure Ghee Diya and a couple of Agarbatti in-front of them.

4] Fold the Yantras separately and them seal them completely with a coating of wax and texo tape.

5] Then bury the Yantras in the right and left side of the floor on the outside of the main door or entrance of the shop or house.

6] Every morning rotate a Agarbatti over the spots where the Yantras are burred every morning after opening the shop or after having a bath, if the Yantras are buried on the outside of the home.

This Yantra Experiment is said to repulse/ deflect even the most powerful and obstinate Evil-Eye or Black Voodoo or Occult Spell from entering the premises.


  1. Dear Sir,
    Last night I had a dream.In that dream,I read a mantra.HANUMAN MANTRA TO BECOME INVINCIBLE IN COMBAT.But we know that cannot be a just a dream.We need to look for this rare mantra.

    1. There are some connected Mantras published on this site, If there is another such Mantra available in future, it will certainly be posted.

  2. dear sir, What is Shendur? i can´t find it on the net. There are videos and mp3 of Shendur lal chadao in Ganesh puja, but nothing else..

  3. sure.but definately,ur site is the best.

  4. What is Shendur...?
    Are u referring to Sindoor?
    Please reply


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