Nostradamus on Indian Surgical Strikes on Pakistan

A couple of years back, I had interpreted a Nostradamus Quatrain, which spoke about the undeclared war between India and Pakistan. That article was part of the series on Nuclear War and World War- 3. This undeclared Indo-Pak war has been going on for more than 25 years along the borders of Kashmir and Pak Occupied Kashmir. What was unknown to the general public has now become public news with the Declared Surgical Strikes conducted by Indian Commandos on the Dark Night of 29th September 2016.

These Surgical Strikes destroyed 8 Terrorist Launch Pads/Pakistani Army Posts inside the area controlled by Pakistan and killed dozens of terrorists/Pakistani army soldiers. The Nostardamus Prophecy [Century 6- Quatrain-65]published earlier, which can be seen here- Undeclared Indo-Pak War, spoke how the Brown One[Pakistan] will be “besieged and pillaged at night” during the course of the “Undeclared War”.  This is exactly what happened on that dark night.

Post 29th September 2016, new facts have come to light with the revelation that Indian Army had conducted multiple Surgical Strikes/Cross Border raids in the past and killed scores of Pakistani Army Soldiers. Thus the confirmation of the “Undeclared War” lends credence to the Prediction made by Nostradamus many centuries earlier.

Thus two parts of this prophecy have already been fulfilled. There is still the third part of the “Brown One Being Captured and Passing through the Prison, His Temple Opened and Two Slipped in the Plaster” has yet to be fulfilled in order to make this Nostradamus Prophecy fully accurate. With the Nostradamus Prophecies, I have observed that a single Quatrain my contain more than one interconnected occurrences.

The “Capture of the Brown One’ may as described in the earlier article on the same Nostradamus Quatrain also refer to the capture of more than 90, 000 Pakistani prisoners of war during the Indo-Pak War of 1971, in which, India broke Pakistan into two parts. It is likely that Nostradamus sees the Undeclared Indo-Pak War as revenge by some of these 90,000 prisoners of war, a few of whom could be in positions of power in Pakistan and desperately trying to avenge the humiliation of the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War.

The Surgical Strikes/Cross Border Raids are just the tip of the iceberg in the unending Indo-Pak Saga, which, as interpreted in some earlier articles will conclude with the annihilation and balkanisation of Pakistan. This seem the only solution to the unending Indo-Pak problems.  A few frustrated souls are the most likely cause of the downfall and destruction of Pakistan.

Things on the Indo-Pak War front are gaining momentum and we will keep readers posted on new and interesting prophecies and revelations on this subject.


  1. COME ON DOZENS?? REALLY....Official figure of INDIAN ARMY says 50+ terroroists killed and 9 PAK ARMY killed....BUT IN ACTUAL there were 20 to 30 terrorists in each Lunch pad...ALMOST 270+ killed.


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