Mantra to Get Magical Sword

In this post, I have written about the Manini Yakshini Mantra Sadhana to invoke a Yakshini, attributed in the Indian Tantrik texts as the Yakshini who first has physical relations [Sambhog] with the Sadhak and then gifts him with a Magical Sword [Jaduee Talwar - Astra- Shastra]. Which makes him unconquerable and most powerful.

Manini Yakshini Mantra Siddhi Sadhana
The Mantra Sadhana should be performed in a place where 4 legged animal stay or which is frequented and populated by 4 legged animals.

The Sadhak should sit down comfortably and chant the Manini Yakshini Invoking Mantra, given below 125,000 times, taking breaks only for essential and unavoidable chores.

After the completing of the Mantra Chanting, the Sadhak should perform Dashansh Havan of Red Colored Flowers and Three Scented/Perfumed/Sweet Smelling Items. Dashansh Hanvan in this case means 12, 500 offering to the Havan, while chanting the Manini Yakshini Invoking Mantra.

ऐं मानिनि ह्रीं ऐही-ऐही सुन्दरी हस-हस समीह में सगमकं स्वाहा ||
Aim Maanini Hreem Eahi-Eahi Sundari Has-Has Samiha Mem Sagamakam Swaha ||

If the Sadhak suceeds in invoking the Manini Yakshini, she is said to manifest in front of him in the form of an extremly desirable and beautiful woman.

The Manini Yakshini will then as per the writings of the Yakshini Tantra have physical intercourse with the Sadhak and satisfy him beyond his widest imagination or dreams.

Then lastly, the Manini Yakshini bestows the Sadhak with a Magical Sword, which will make him immensely strong and powerful in battle.

Notes- The Tantrik text has not provided any other information on conducting this Yakshini Sadhana, hence, it should be noted that what is mentioned in the post is the only important requirement and other things like Mala, Aasan, Tithi, Direction and Place can be selected by the Sadhak.

By Sadhak, I mean, only the advanced Yakshini Siddhi Sadhana Practitioners who are well-versed with such Aghori Mantra Sadhanas and not the Lay-Persons.


  1. Dear Neel Sir,
    Wishing you and your family a very happy Diwali!

  2. Wish you a Happy Diwali to Neel ji and Ashok ji.

  3. Dear Ashok Sir,
    doing that Daashansh havan for 125,000 times may be difficult.However,if we can get a similar Mantra 'Hanuman Mantra to become invincible and powerful in combat' it will be great.Its a great post sir.

  4. Dear Ashok Sir,
    Actually Hanuman Sadhanas are the best for becoming immeasurably strong and invincible in combat.So something like 'Hanuman Gada Mantra to become invincible in combat' instead of Yakshin mantra to become invincible in combat wherein Hanumanji himself gives you a special Gada which can add immeasurable strength to the practitioner and make him invinvible.Im just saying that Hanuman is the hindu God of War,Courage and immeasurable strength.There is none equal to him.So Mantras for War and Combat are best when attributed to him.We must be lucky enough to find these hanuman mantras.This is also a great post.


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