Sarabeswarar Mantra for Success

This is a very secretive and very very rare Mantra of Lord Sharabheswhar or Pakshiraj, another name by which, this Sharabha Avatar of Shiva is is often referred to in the scriptures.

A person on whom a Narsingh Maran Mantra has been used by enemy or Aghori Tantrik should chant this Sarabeswarar Mantra. Other than that, chanting  this Mantra even once, while looking at an animal will make the animal  run away with fear and dread. After gaining Mantra Siddhi, chanting this Mantra 21 times before doing any task or work will give you success in that particular task or work. - Ashok Mehta

It is said that for protecting Prahlad, Lord Vishnu manifested as Narsingh. But after killing the Demon King Hiranyaksha, Narsingh was still very ferocious and angry and did not calm down. Shiva sent Veerbhadra to stop him. In the Satya Yuga, Veerbhadra had manifested from just one hair of Shiva and that Avatar was born to kill King Daksha. Its said that Veerbhadra was so powerful that Pralay came on earth and with it came the end of the Satyayuga. Even Veerbhadra wasn't able to kill him and to kill Narsingh Avatar, Mahadev, himself  manifested as Sharabheswhar.

Needless to say that this is a very very Divine Mantra. So don't engage in this Mantra Siddhi if you don't have the capacity to handle the divine energy or you will turn into lunatic.

The Siddhi procedure and method of actually using the Sarabeswarar Mantra is as follows:
1. Start  the Sarabeswarar Mantra Chanting from the day of Narsingh Jayanti at 2 AM in the night. Keep a Sharabheswhar photo in front of you, while chanting the Mantra.
2. Keep some sweets on the Puja Altar.
3. Then perform Ahuti with Guggal for two hours, while chanting the Sarabeswarar Mantra.
4. On the next day, give the sweets to kids.
5. On that night start the chanting of two Malas of this Mantra daily for 21 days.
6. Every day offer sweets to Lord Sarabeswarar and then give away to kids.

When you want to practically use this Mantra to get success in any task, job, work or venture, chant the Mantra 21 times before commencing that particular task or work.

Sarabeswarar Avatar of ShivaMantra for Gaining Success
Sarabeswarar Mantra for Success

On the completion of the desired work, without fail offer sweets in a Shiv or Sharabheswhar temple.

Note - I do not advocate the use of such fierce Mantras and I should not be held responsible for any unfortunate event.


  1. Namaste, which mala we have to use for japam and in which direction faced we have to sit. And what kind of aasan we have to use

  2. Dear ashok Sir,
    you mentioned that even chanting this mantra even once can make animals dread in fear.Do you have any mantra for attracting animals towards you?Even beasts such as lions,and tigers become attracted and docile towards you if you chant certain mantras for this purpose.Is there any such mantra?

    1. There is no such mantra that exists in the world ,all the wild animals will be attracted towards you only if u are a brahmajnani ,even if u have yogic sidhhis it isn't possible ,this is told by one of the astha sidhhis,

    2. There is a mantra u can attract the animals

  3. Does guru diksha needed in this mantra

  4. Sir what kind of aasan we have to use. And you said next day we have to give to kids . it's in the same day after 2 am morning Pooja or after starting japa in night and then next day

  5. Ashokji namaskar,
    Can this mantra be used for removing other tantrik proyog means other than narsing maran prayog.
    My enemy did tantrik prayog on me through which he send a VIR on my body along with burying some tantrik vastu (murti) near my house that is chowky of veer,I am in too much trouble because of that.
    Can pandits can chant this mantra for me in navratri.108 times by 2 pandits daily.
    Or Any other remedy for this problem plz suggest.
    I want to tell you sir that many time I have written you about my problems and u suggested remedy.
    Sir I want to inform you that due to your remedy my problem solved once and for all by grace of hanumanji and of course you. Thanku ashokji for your post in prophet666.
    sir also give me remedy for present problem as discussed above.The problem is - veer ki chowky mere ghar ke pass lagai hai tantrik murti jamin me gadi hai usko kaise neutral karna. 24 ghante veer mere upar chada rehta hai. Help sir.

    1. You can chant narasimha kavach 11 times daily

    2. I know a genuine person in haridwar who has done Brahma rakshas Sidhi and can help those on whom any tantrik prayog has been done .he is also very cheap . Condition- you have to come to haridwar and second practise vegetarian diet . I will give u his number - Pandey ji, kankhal haridwar . 7454971125. Thank you

  6. Ashokji should I chant in one sitting or 5 times in day as u mentioned earlier in your post.
    2)is there any remedy which panditji can do for me in my home like path or hawan.
    3)How buried tantrik object will come out from earth, without that my problem will not be solved.
    4) should i go to salangpur hanuman temple in gujrat ( kast bhanjan hanumanji) whether i will get rid of my problem there.
    5) sir i m unable to worship due to heavy attack of tantra prayog.
    suggest full proof remedy plz.
    Langul astra stotra worked in just 31 days and i was doing only 1 path in morning and 1 in night. before that this attack on me how to get rid of this sir.

    1. If you want to do havan then talk with a pujari. You can chant narasimha kavach as per your capacity but 11 times is optimum

    2. It cannot happen that one cannot worship due to tantra prayog. You should go temple daily and attend its aarti both the times morning and dusk


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