Four Main Peeth of Mantra Sadhana

In Hindu Tantra Shastra there is a description of four main Sadhana Peeth for performing a Mantra Sadhana. These main Peeth are Shamshan Peeth, Shav Peeth, Aranya Peeth and Shyama Peeth. A Peeth in the context of this article is basically a place accompanied with a specific method of performing the Mantra Sadhana.

There are certain specific Mantra Sadhanas having a specific Tantra, which can only be successful if practiced in a certain Peeth. These Peeths are only for the advanced Sadhaks and Yogis who are striving for mastery over some or the other Mantra Sadhana. This article is an extension of the nature of the Peeth in Mantra Sadhan described earlier in the article on - Sanatan Dharma and Mantra Gyan

There are also some variations of these four main Sadhana Peeths, which depend upon the Sampradaya or Panth of the Sadhak or the nature of some or the other secretive Mantra Sadhana.

Smashan Peeth- In this kind of Sadhana, the Sadhak performs the entire Sadhana in a Hindu graveyard or Cremation Ground at night.

Shav Peeth- Shav in the Hindi language means a corpse. This kind of Mantra Sadhana involves the use of a dead body or it parts. Sometimes the Sadhana involves the Chanting of a Mantra while sitting on a dead body.

Both the above mentioned Sadhana Peeths are used for gaining Siddhi over extremely fearsome or Aghori Mantra Sadhanas. Some of the most extreme and frightening of such Mantra Sadhanas practiced by some sects of Aghori Sadhus may involve certain most dangerous and terrifying actions like consuming human flesh or feces or having intercourse with a corpse.

Aranya Peeth- Such Mantra Sadhanas are practiced in isolated places like a deserted temple, which is not frequented by anyone, chanting the Mantra while sitting on a tree in a deserted place or in a forest, river bank or mountainous region, which is not frequented by people. The main purpose of performing a Mantra Sadhana in a Aranya Peeth is to be completely free from any kind of human disturbance.

Shayma Peeth- This category is extremely difficult and gaining masterly over the Mantra Sadhana is only possible for a Maha Yogi or Spiritualist who has gained total control over his senses. This Sadhana is conducted in a lonely place and the Sadhaka has to make a physically alluring and desirable young girl of 16 years sit in front of him without any clothes on her body. The Sadhaka has to keep chanting the Mantra, facing the beautiful girl and gains mastery over the Mantra only if his mind does not waver or stray for even a fraction of a second. One such Mantra Sadhana, which makes the use of the Shyama Peeth was described earlier, it can be seen here - Mantra for Darshan of Ravan

Both these Mantra Sadhanas may or may not be fearsome in nature.


  1. Dear Neel Sir and Ashok sir,
    Is there any mantra sadhana to become a Magician?
    A magician who is very good at Sleight of Hand (card-vanishing techniques) illusionist as well as Mentalism
    (mind-reading tricks).I think there may be an Indrajeet mantra for this.Indrajeet was ravan's son and Master Magician.

  2. Dear Sir, can you give me mantra to cure kidney and gallbladder stones

    1. Look up the health mantras and remedies sections you solutions to you health problems.


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