Sanatana Dharma Shastra, Mantra and Dharma Gyaan

Japa Gyaan:
1. Before starting a Japa, a Brahmin should always do Shikha Bandhan or else all his Japa will go in vain. Now this rules applies to all Brahmin caste people irrespective of whether you are a Pandit or no.
2. According to the Brahmand Purana, Aasan should be spread. Aasan should not be torn or should not have holes, etc in it.
3. Japa on bamboo brings poverty, doing it on stone or ground brings diseases, sitting on leaves or grass and doing Japa brings mental instability
4.One must not- spread his legs during Japa, talking in between the Sadhana, fidgeting with nails or body parts or touching body parts, breaking threads, fidgeting or moving your hands in rice or supari or such things, moving your head in different directions, moving hands through hairs, shaking or causing movement of body parts.
All this is strictly forbidden.
5. According to Angira Smruta, Sadhana done with pride or ego, Daan done without water and Japa done without proper counting all these go in vain.
6. Laziness, sins/mistakes, the feeling of infatuation towards someone, sleep, anger; all these are biggest enemies of Sadhana. If one gains control over them, the chances of success in Sadhana increase substantially.

Mantra Peeth:
A Mantra has 4 types of location requirements. Even one has its one significance.
1. Shmashaan Peeth- doing Sadhanas in a Smashaan
2. Shav Peeth- an extremely life threatening Peeth. In this, on has to do puja of a dead body or sit on a dead body and then do Sadhana.
3. Aranaya Peeth- doing Sadhana in an extremely silent and isolate location where no one may have come since years or months
4. Shyaamaa Peethika- the toughest one among all. In this, a Sadhak has to make a 16 year old girl sit nude and do the Japa. If he is successful in doing the Japa without getting aroused, he gets success.

Guru Mantra Gyaan:
Guru Mantra is said to be the supreme. Every person gets a different Guru Mantra. But Guru Mantra has to be kept a utmost secret. Here are rules one must follow in case you have got a Guru Mantra:
1. Guru Mantra given to you by your Guru or your Devta should not be told or shared to anyone. Nor should the Puja Vidhi of the Mantra be shared. According to our Dharma, The Guru Mantra and everything related to it should be protected as one would protect his life in case of a life threatening attack. And I personally agree with it. Because Guru Mantra is like the sweet nectar which makes me just keep on chanting on and on the whole life. During the Guru Mantra chanting days one must do his Isht Dev Darshan in sun, moon, cow, Peepal tree, fire, Brahman and his Guru. During the Guru Mantra chanting or any Mantra chanting, one may experience one must not share it with anyone. I have seen many people do this mistake and must tell such people that sharing all these things with others will make you Siddhi Heen from the Isht Mantra.
 All the above rules should also be followed for normal Mantras

Shivling Gyaan:
Shivling is of various types or made with various things.
They include:
1. Each God and Goddess of our religion worship Shiv Linga and use Shivling made of different materials:
1. Parthiv Shivling or Shiv Ling made from sand
2. Paashan or Dhaatu(metal) Shivling-  The metal may be Rajat, gold, iron, copper, Peetal, Paarad and Baan Linga. Baan Linga is one of the most divine Linga as it does not need Aavahan or Pran Prathishtha.
3. Ratna [Gem] Linga: It refers to linga made from Gems. For Shani Peeda, Iron Shivling is optimal and for happiness and Chandra Graha Peeda, a Coral Gem Shivling is optimal.

 Kinds of Shivling worshipped by Gods and goddesses:
1. Lord Indra- Padamraag Shivling
2. Kubera- Gold Shivling
3. Varun dev- Shyaamvarna
4. Vishnu- Indranila-May
5. Brahma- Hemmay Shivlinga
6. Dev Gana use Silver Shivling
7. Vasugana use Peetal made Shivling
8. The 2 Ashwini Kumars- Parthiv Shivling
9. Lakshmi- Crystal Shivling
10. Agni Dev- Diamond Shivlinga
Thumb Shivling: In Santana Dharma and especially in Kalyuga, worshipping Shivling daily is mandatory. If one cannot go to a Shivalay, one must consider his thumb as Shivling and worship it.

Anushthaan Rules: Here I am going to mention rules which every person must follow in case you are doing Purashcharan:

1] Place- The place must be pure and hygienic. This can be done very easily by sprinkling Gangajal all around in all 10 directions. I.e. the normal 8 directions plus up direction and down direction. For location, one can refer to the significance of various locations here- Complete Mantra Sadhana Rules and Regulations

2] Food eating regulations-
A food is affected by three kinds of Dosha according our religion:
a] Jaati Dosh- Foods that contain onion, garlic, Non-veg, etc are considered to be Dushit [unholy] food.
b] Aashray Dosha- keeping liquor at Home or keeping food in impure place brings this Dosha. Keeping liquor at home makes all the foods in the house impure.
c] Nimitt Dosha- The pure food that is touched by dogs, cats, flies or insects bring this Dosha.
During the Sadhana days, one must eat food that is not affected by these Doshas.
Stale food, food that contains oil, salt, Udad, carrot cannot be eaten during the Sadhana days. Food should only be eaten once a day and should be eaten less only then will you get success in the Anushthan.
3] Meeting girls, talking with them is prohibited. If the female is your wife or mom then it is fine but you cannot have sex.
4] Applying creams, face packs and such things is prohibited.
5] Impure hands, Without having bath, being naked, or keeping cloth or anything on head and doing Japa is prohibited
6] Once you begin the Sadhana for the day, you can only talk once you finish that day's Japa part. You cannot talk in between.
7] If talking becomes utmost utmost necessary, then you can continue the Japa from where you left but only after doing Achaman and Angnyasa. Also, you cannot stop the Japa in the middle of the Mala.
8] If you have to go to the washroom during the Japa then do it but then you will need to do bath, achaman and angnyasa again.
9] During chanting- laziness, yawning, sleep, sneeze, spitting, fear, touching private parts, anger and talking is very strictly prohibited.
 I face this problem a lot as Hanuman worship causes lots of anger.
10] Japa should be done neither too fast nor too slow.
11] One must not "sing" the Mantra.
12] During chanting, shaking heads, reading something, forgetting the mantra or chanting the Mantra without knowing its meaning is prohibited.
13] Following rules should be followed very strictly:
1] Bhumi Shayyan [Sleeping on ground]
2] Celibacy
3] Guru Seva
4] Vow of silence
5] Bathing 3 times a day
6] Giving up on sinful activities
7] Daily Daksha
8] Saying Prarthanas or Stavas of the Mantra Dev.
9] Isht Sadhana
10] Japa dedication
14. Face packs, skin creams, perfumes, leather articles should not be utilized.
15. The Aasan used by used by you should never be used by one else. For Bhumi Shayyan, one can sleep on one single plain cloth of Isht Dev's favorite color. For example- red or Sindur color in case of Hanuman Sadhana, White in case of Shiv Sadhana, etc.
16. Wearing too many clothes or too less clothes during Japa is not allowed
17. Chanting during eating or doing Japa as soon as you wake up is prohibited.
18. IF you are feeling too hungry then you can stop the japa in between. However, this rule this doesn't apply to all Sadhanas. Some Sadhanas do not allow this.
19. Japa should not be done with spread legs.
Other than this, the person who gets to know the secret of the Mantra is unaffected by the above rules and can Japa wherever and however he wants.
18. Every day, after the Japa, Dashansh Havan, Tarpan, Marjan and Brahman Bhojan should be performed. One can also do it all together at the end of the required number of chants.
19. IF the above rule cannot be followed, one must do 1/4 part of the Japa more. So, if required chants are 1 lac and you cannot do what is mentioned above, one must do 1.25 lac chants
20. Anushthan has 5 parts- Japa, Homa, Tarpan, Abhishek, and Brahman Bhojan.
21. For a female, the Japa itself is enough.
22. Other than Japa, if the other 4 things cannot be done then the Ashirwad of the Guru will also suffice.

Now, I will share something very very important: I have got this knowledge and I am sharing with you but you should not share it with anyone else:
Sadhana Samay Gyaan:
 This is very rare knowledge about the timings to do the Sadhana. Irrespective of what the Paksha is, what the Nakshatra Karan, Bhav, etc are; one can begin the Sadhana.
1. First and the most powerful Yoga is Guru Pushya Nakshatra.
2. The second most beneficial is Ravi Pushya Nakshatra
3. For the months of Chaitra, Vaisakhi, Shraavan, Maagh, Bhaadrapad, Falgun following are the auspicious timings:
Sunday: 6 Am to 6.45 AM
6.45 pm to 7.36 pm
Sunday night from 3.36 Am to 4.24 AM [Monday morning according to English calendar]
Monday: 7.36 PM to Tuesday morning 6.12 AM
Tuesday: 7.36 Pm to 6.12 AM of Wednesday
3.36 am to 4.24 am: - Here, timing is according the Hindu calendar. So this will be Wednesday morning 3.36 am to 4.24 am according to English calendar.
Wednesday: 3.36 Pm to 4.24 pm
6.12 pm to 10.45 pm
Thursday: 7.36 pm to 6.12 am
Friday night 1.12 to 3.36 of the morning.
Remember that the day starts in Hinduism when sunrise happens, so if you are a Sadhana at 2 or 3 am then kindly consider everything according to Hindu rules and not English calendar.

There are many people I see daily on sites like prophet666 and many more where people start chanting a mantra without any understanding or Know-how. For such people I want to say that It just your waste of time by doing any Sadhana. Every person has an Isht Dev according to their Kundali whose worship will bring optimum results. But every god's worship is bound or restricted or one can say aspected by the Kundali of the person. You just cannot start worshipping any god you desire. This is because of Janm Kundali. I suggest worship of Hanuman as his worship, Shiva worship, Krishna worship is not bound by such things. However, this rule doesn't apply to Tamsik gods like Bhairav and Kali. Just any person cannot do Kali worship. There are certain planetary positions which allow her worship. If they are not favorable, Kali worship can cause problems instead of benefits. And this rule doesn't apply just to Kali, it applies to many and many god.

That is why there is a guru. Also, a Mantra Sadhana cannot be started without looking at planetary positions. Again, this rule doesn't apply to gods like Shiva or Hanuman as they are not bound by Grahas. I am not going to give personal advice about anything that I have mentioned in this article or the upcoming articles as I am not a Guru or such thing.

The timings for Sadhanas are very very holy and are not bound by any rules or restrictions.

This is all for the 2nd part. The First Part can be seen here - Mantra Sadhana Rules

In the next part, I will share timings for the remaining months, Dev rules and Diksha rules.
|| जय वीर हनुमान ||

This detailed, knowledgeable and most informative article has been written for the benefit of readers by Ashok Mehta, I hope readers will appreciate his hard work and efforts.


  1. ASHOK SIR , THANKS A lot for your hardwork and efforts. if u get time please try to post about the process of looking the kundali to select sadhanas. i have a doubt, i practise kamdeva sadhana given by you.if this does not suit my kundali, will it go in vain?

  2. Thank you so much. I find this series very very informative. Really appreciate your efforts and time :)

  3. Really really great knowledge i have seen here by you ashok sir, really appreciated. Sir, what is Achaman and Angnyasa, how to do that? And one thing ashok sir you and you only person can give me the knowledge, sir how to get guru mantra, i dont have any guru, how we know the guru mantra? Is there any prayog to know the guru mantra, you knows without proper guru mantra we cant success in mantra sadhana or other things, plz answer, thanks for your time and valuable divile knowledge you have shared. ( apologize for my bad English)

    1. Guru mantra cannot be known by yourself. For getting guru mantra, either get a guru or keep reciting your dear deity's Gayatri mantra 11 rosary till the day he/she doesn't give you a guru mantra.

    2. My dear deity is hanuman, i will chant hanuman gayatri mantra, how can we understand like what dream will come and hear by deity, what hanuman will say or get dream? How hanuman will give me the guru mantra

    3. 2: how to do Achaman and Angnyasa? Pls give answer, thanks for your valuable time

    4. How he will give I cannot say and for achaman and angnyasa please google

  4. Thank you very much, Neel guruji and Ashok Mehta ji

  5. Sir does kundalini rule of a person apply to ganesh , ram , and durga maa worship? I think ram and ganesh are soumya Devta and not bound by such rules? what about maa durga?

  6. Sir
    Considering Kundali and Planetary Postitions is a point mentioned .
    I have listed some of important planets and house lords , if any among them has to be considered for sadhanas , then please point out .
    , then There are Important planets like lagnesh (Lord of House 1) ,
    panchamesh(Lord of House 5),
    navamesh (Lord of 9)
    and then Aatma Karak as well .
    Then there are strong , exlated plantes as well will may create a Raaj yog or MAhapurush Yog in the horoscope .
    Then Individually accorrding to plantes
    2 Luminaries-Sun and moon
    2 Shadow planets : rahu & ketu
    5 planets : mars, mercury,jupiter,venus and saturn

    Thank you in advance
    5Planets .

  7. dear sir,
    i have been reciting "OM GAN GANPATAYE NAMAH" for all problems and demands of life but no where GANESH is mentioned in this post

  8. Dear sir, day after tomorrow(18/08/2016) Thursday is Poornima(Full Moon Day). Is this day is suitable for Genie sadhana. Please guide me Guruji. Thank you

  9. Dear Neel Gruji and Ashok mehta, I worshiping Lord Hanuman, for a year now, now i facing the problem of arising anger, every time anger arise i calm myself down , can u recommend me to remidy this problem ?
    thanks !!

    1. Chant this mantra :

      Shri Rama mantra will help you keep yourself calm

    2. Thank U very very much Dear Ashok Metha !!!

  10. Ashok sir does these all rules are neccesary for the sadhana u send most powerful ganpati mantra if have siddha that mantra then also i have to follow above rule to siddha mantra plzz must reply

  11. Gud morning sir Sir actually we are shaivates. I have been doing ram mantra to quit addiction and for emotional trauma. But this kundali for particular god and the thing that we cannot do any god mantra we desire. Is putting me in the dilemma. Sir should I continue or stop the chanting? Will there be any problems if either I stop or continue sadhana. ? Sir kindly reply

    1. Rama can be worshipped by anyone

    2. Ashokji, kindly clarify this more since you said we should pray to one god only which completely makes sense. I started praying to shivji a while back based on info on this "excellent" site but I see that there are some very good mantras for hanumanji, Ram bagwan and ganeshji

    3. If you move on to some to some other God just because on the basis of mantra then it be a grave insult of shivji. Please choose your isht dev on the basis of faith and belief and not on mantras.

  12. Neel ji thank you.You are the best and sir we are very lucky

  13. Dear Ashok Sir,
    Thank u so much for your efforts for sharing with us these important rules and regulations with which it is impossible to get complete benefits of mantra sadhana.Thank you so much.

  14. Sir i cant able to get..those rule..
    Mean the only rules u have mentioned in most powerful ganpati mantra sadhana
    With khumaar mitti ganpati idol

    1. every mantra sadhana comes with its own set of rules if the rules arent specified then the above rules should be followed

  15. dearin this post there is a point that if a person gets to know about the secret of the mantras they are free from above rules so what is the secret and how can one know about the secrets of mantras for sadhnas that is done for month or two the above rules are quite strict

  16. sir i have seen a post hanuman sadhna to achieve anything in the world so is that also a mantrasadhna

  17. sii I want to know about the secret of mantras that how one gets to know about secret of mantras I want to do some sadhna but the above rules are bit difficult especially the food regulations plz help me

    1. Sadhana is never easy.. and the rules I have mentioned are mandatory. There is no substitute to them.

  18. this means i´ve been waisting my time all these months.. thank you for informing Mr Mehta.

    Now i don´t believe anything. everything is in our mind.

    If one desire something and want to do sadhna, of course he will be "infatuated" for the reason... And to be honest in the world we live in, unless you do take "Sanyaas" and practice a LOT to actually be able to follow those rules and perform the sadhhna.. i don´t see anyone "normal" being able to follow all these rules.

    Thank you very much.

  19. sir i want to learn vidya for gupta nidhi so please canu suggest me which vidya is best and where do i go to learn kerala or north ? thanq soo much sir

  20. could you mention the kind of Shivling for Shiva?

  21. The wheel refers to the Wheel of Law consisting of eight spokes that represent the Noble Eightfold path.
    buddha hand gestures

  22. outside of india is absolutely impossible to follow ALL these rules. even in india it will be extremely rare to find a person who could follow ALL of them even he wishes so. so what is the point of publishing the sadanas anyway?


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