Best Mantra for Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami also called called by a number of other names, including  Gokulashtami falls today on the 25th of August 2016. This most auspicious Hindu festival, which marks the manifestation of Vishnu  on earth as the Shri Krishna Avatar to annihilate evil is celebrated all over India and also by Hindus living  in other parts of the world in varying styles. Some devote Krishna Bhakts fast and chant Mantras, Stotras and Prarthanas dedicated to Shri Krishna others celebrate by engaging in festivities like devotional song and dance.

Dahi Handi, which is the highlight of Janmashtami in Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra has been somewhat  dampened by the High and Supreme Court directives to maintain a 20 feet limit on the Human Pyramids. However, this will not curtail the faith and festivities of Krishna Bhakts on this most auspicious Tithi of the Hindu Calendar.

By Ashok Mehta
Following is a Shloka taken from the Krishna Ashtak chanting which, one can make Shri Krishna his or her Guru. The Mantra Chanting has to done using a Tulsi Beads Jala. There are no other restrictions or rules for the chanting of this Mantra.

The Mantra can be chanted as much as one wants. Krishna mantras don't need Diksha and this Mantra can be chanted by anyone.

Mantra: || ॐ वसुदेव-सुतं देवं कंस चाणूर मर्दनम् ।
देवकी परमानंदं कृष्णं वंदे जगद्गुरुम् ||
|| Om Vasudeva-Sutam Devam Kansa Chaanoora Mardanam ||
Devki Paramaanandam Krishnam Vande Jagadugurum ||

This Mantra will surely reap the best and amazing benefits on a pure and  auspicious Indian festival  like Krishna Janmashtmi.

Another best Mantra for this Tithi can be seen here- Mantra for Janmashtami


  1. Jai Shree Ram, Namashakar Ashokji,

    Can i request you to suggest Ram mantra to bring prosperity in life, wealth and happiness, success in work but most importantly wisdom to be always humanitarian.

    Jai Shree Ram, Jai Veer Hanuman

    1. I had already shared such a sadhana few days back under "Ram-Hanuman mantra for amazing prosperity"

  2. Happy Krishna Janmashtami

    Jai Shree Krishna ,Thank you Mr Neel

  3. Ram Mantra's related to Prosperity are Galore in this site. Pls search

  4. plz sir suggest a mantra so thati can meet LORD HANUMAN..

  5. Dear Ashok sir,
    Could ou also tell about the procedure to get a vision of Krishna's Viswaroopa as shown in the Bhagvad Gita?The divine form which Lord Krishna showed to Arjuna.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


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