Shukra Vashikaran Mantra Sadhana

This is another Mantra Sadhana which doesn't need Guru Diksha or initiation by a Guru. This a very simple yet potent Shukra or Venus Mantra Vashikaran Experiment for attracting everyone around you. - Ashok Mehta

Following is the simple step-by-step procedure of performing this Shukra Akarshan Mantra Sadhana:

1. Start the experiment from a Friday, which falls during the Shukla Paksha.
2. Sit facing the north direction on a red colored velvet Asana in the Yogic pose of Kamlaasan. On a red or white Chowki, keep a copper plate.
3. On the copper plate, write "ॐ" with White Chandan.
4. Keep a medium sized energized Shukra Yantra on it.
5. Then, light a Pure Ghee Diya, this should be an Earthen Diya.
6.  Light a few incense sticks.
7. Offer white flowers, rice, and rose or chameli perfume to the Yantra. Then apply a bit of perfume on yourself.
8. Take a Sankalp for your desired wish.
9. Then, recite one rosary of the first Mantra:

Shukra or Venus Planet Vashikaran Mantra Chant
Shukra Vashikaran Mantra 

10. Then recite the second Mantra shown in the image for 21 rosaries of for 30 days.

Many people face problems in life and they think of worshipping various gods for resolving the problems. For example, if someone wants wealth they will worship Maa Laxmi. However, people don't know or don't realize that benefits of the worship only comes when the planets are favorable. Similarly, many people say that they chanted a particular Vashikaran Mantra but they didn't get success. It is just a false belief because Vashikaran Mantras are no joke. Even the simplest Mantras have astonishing powers. People who are facing the problem of Vashikaran Mantras not working should recite this mantra for success.

I would love to know the Sadhak's experiences.


  1. Mr.Ashok or Mr.Neel please let us all know how to energize any yantra or mala?,it will be very helpful for all of us and which mala we have to use in this sadhana to count?

  2. Dear Sir,
    What about people especially in colleges who kepp complaining that they are not getting girlfriends/partner?etc.
    Is there any mantra sadhana to achieve the same or achieve more than what you have desired?
    Can the above mentioned shukra Vashikaran mantra sadhana help in attracting many partners?People also keep saying that because your venus is not good,you are not able to attract partners.So dats why im asking.

  3. The last word of the mantra is pronounced as namaha or only namah ?

    1. Both mean the same thing and are essentially the same word.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. निल जी , कितने दीन और कितनी माला , और कौन सी माला से जप करना है ....शुक्र यन्त्र आप दे सकते
    हो ?...हा......तो कीमत बताने की कृपा करे ....

    1. The full detailed procedure is clearly mentioned in the post, all that should be done is to follow the procedure.

  6. respeced neel sir, i have heard and many people have also advised the same, that while doing any siddhi or sadhna procedure, it is better to use energised mala and energised yantra.
    so, kindly share the method of energising yantra and mala so that chances of success are substantially increased.
    thanking you.

  7. ashok sir, in the post , you have said to use a shukra yantra. can i inscribe it on a copper sheet and use for this sadhana? if so, how to energise it?

  8. Time morning or night

  9. does this mantra have any negative impact like karma cycle?

  10. Can this sadhana be done at night time between 10pm to 2???????


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