Mantra for Elixir of Eternal Youth

In this post, I am writing about a Yakshini called the Mahabhaya Yakshini, the special quality attributed to this Yakshini is that, she is said to bestow the Sadhak with boon of Eternal Youth. Many Hindu Tantric scriptures have spoken about this paranormal force or ability prevalent in nature, which is said to prevent aging and being forever youthful. This can also be considered to be a form of immortality.

Even though the Mahabhaya Yakshini has been described on the Internet, I have found that the correct invoking Mantra of this Yakshini has not been given.

The Mantra Sadhana has to be performed under a Smasham Bhoomi or Hindu Crematorium and chanting the Mahabhaya Yakshini Mantra given in this post 1 Lakh[100,000] times.

|| Hreem Mahaabhaya Ehim Swaha||
|| ह्रीं महाभय एहिं स्वाहा ||

If the Sadhaka performs this Sadhana successfully and succeeds in invoking the Yakshini she is said to give him an Elixir[Magical Potion] to drink. When the Sadhak drinks the potion he gains the paranormal power of Eternal Youth. If the Sadhak is an aged person, then his body and appearance changes and he becomes youthful once again.

Notes- Apart from what is mentioned above, I did not find any other information in the Tantra regarding the Vidhi, which means that the only criteria is the Mantra Chanting This Yakshini Sadhana is for experienced Yakshini or Aghor-Panth Practitioners. As the name Mahabhaya suggests, this Yakshini is said to possess a most terrifying appearance and the Sadhak should not get terrified if she manifests before him and keep his cool otherwise he is likely to end up as a lunatic.

I do not know about anybody who has successfully performed this Mantra Sadhana for Eternal Youth and Immortality.


  1. Namashkar sir.koi jaan nahi bandeaus hai saare jaan bigadrahe hai.every I am chanting hanuman chalisa and hanuman ram mantra for money very bad time running show me the way guru Ji.

  2. Dear Sir,
    Can this sadhana after being successfully completed make one extremely handsome too?

    1. Yes, I think so, but, I have not heard about examples of anybody successfully completing this Sadhana.

    2. hmm.what u say so can be true

  3. Sir,
    Which mala is use for chanting this mantra and how many days to complete this activity.

    1. A Rudraksha Japa Mala is most suitable, it has to be completed as short a period of time as possible, taking breaks only for essential chores.

  4. Lilith and naamah dangerous Sigil(yantra)dark like yashani and more powerful


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