Mantra to get Swapna Diksha and Karma Bodh

Following is a Mantra for getting knowledge about the future of a task or work someone is doing. This Mantra also helps in getting Swapna Mantra Diksha and Karma Bodh. The Mantra must be chanted in the Brahma Muhurat for 3 rosaries using a Rudraksh Rosary or Red Chandan Rosary facing the east.  The Mantra Japa should be done with a calm and serene mind. Use a Kush Aasan for getting optimum results. If your mind is constantly thinking about things and not at peace, the Mantra will not work. – Ashok Mehta

Keep a Ganesh, Shiva, and Gayatri, or Rudra, photo/Yantra in front of you. Even better if you do the Mantra Japa facing Surya Dev. Wear clean and light and comfortable clothes.

Mantra: || ॐ गुरु, गंगा तीर्थाणी सहस्त्राणि, कोटि तीर्थाणी मेव च ब्रह्मसुता कर्म स्पष्टताय नमः ||
Om Guru, Ganga Tirthaani Sahastraani, Koti Tirthaani Mev Ch Brahmasutaa Karma Spashtataaya Namah ||

I have got my hands on this Mantra purely and purely due to Hanuman's grace. Please do not misuse this Mantra. Fools who get excited on reading Mantras and dream of becoming Siddh Yogis and all that without even knowing the basics of Mantra Sadhana and worship; stay away from this Mantra. Sadhanas and Mantras are not some joke, they have energy and meaning. One cannot just chant whichever Mantra they want according to their wish. This Mantra gives Mantra Diksha either in dream or during the Mantra Japa itself. That is why, concentration during the Mantra Japa is very important.

I have got this Mantra only and only due to Hanuman and I must add that do not misuse or overuse this Mantra. Also, do not share this Mantra with anyone else be it your wife or son. Do not misuse or overuse it or else the benefits of the Mantra will be seized away from you as well as me also. One must keep on chanting till one doesn't the answer or solution or a Mantra.

|| ॐ राम रामाय नमः ||


  1. Sorry to say guruji but i still didn't get what use of this mantra?

    1. Many people do not have gurus. this mantra gives you guru diksha in dreams or in the meditative state. Other than that, this mantra also helps to know the future of the work you are doing or the work you are going to start

  2. I am a student can i do this mantra japa? How many days? Any rules and regulations? (i am a devotee of hanuman)

    1. Any one can. method is mentioned ni the article.

  3. Respected Sir,
    I thankyou wholeheartedly for sharing this great mantra,
    it is a boon for people like me who are not fortunate enough to get a right guru diksha
    so,it will be very beneficial for me if you grant me the permission to practice this mantra
    I promise you that i will follow your instructions to the best of my capabilities
    i have some questions,
    1-you mentioned that the person may get guru diksha on practicing this mantra,my question is who will give guru diksha.
    2-can we use this mantra to get guru diksha from the saint we always wanted to get diksha from,like i always wanted to take diksha from SWAMI VIVEKANANDA.
    3-what do you mean by KARMA BODH
    4-I am not an advanced sadhak,i am just a sadhak,so can i practice this mantra

    Thank you

    1. 1. God
      2. No. only god gives guru diksha
      3. bodh means reveal. KArma bodh means to know the future of a work or Karma you are doing and whether it is dharma or adharma

    2. and this mantra is especially for people who don't have guru

  4. till how many days one should chant this mantra?

  5. Ashok sir ji, thanks for reply, but guruji what kind of answer or mantra will get in dream, what will get in dream, Which speech or scene?

    1. The answer which you will get depends on the question. For mantra I cannot say what kind of mantra god will give you

  6. guruji is mantra ke jap ke liye sidh rudraksh japmala hee prayog hogi ya sadharan rudraksh mala bhi jap ke liye prayog ki ja sakti hai.

  7. Pranam Ashok Ji, If someone already has a Guru will that person chant this Mantra as well to predict the feasibility of any particular task through the grace of this mantra ?

  8. Namaste Ashok sir, I dint understand the word overuse,overusage of mantra means shouldn't we chant more than 3 rosaries?
    Can u please summarise,thank u

    1. Overuse and over usage means that you must not chant this mantra for every small or unnecessary reason

  9. Guruji u have w mantras which one i shud chant. Shud i take sankalpa . and i just want diksha from god. I dont need any answer for that also i shud ask a question?

  10. Anybody Tried this Mantra ? if yes then would you please share what is your experienced ?


  11. Respected Ashok Mehthaji
    Also which deity should we meditate upon while reciting. Our isht dev or only one of the diety of the yantras kept?
    Ur faithfully

  12. Guruji, recently I had dream of receiving some mantra chanted to my ear by a person looks like a sadhu before he made me to dip into milky sea. Unfortunately, I could not remember a word said by him in the dream. Can you enlighten me on this? It's really disturbing me


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