Rudra Mantra for Fulfilling Wishes

Following is the Mantra Sadhana of the Mool Mantra of Lord Rudra. Many people who have done various Sadhanas in their lives or have been going through an unsuccessful phase in life in spite of putting in dedicated hard work for hours and hours, for such people, this Mantra Sadhana is optimal in giving the best results in overcoming bad times. –Ashok Mehta

The Rudra Mantra is very simple but, please note that it shows its effects from the very first chant itself.
Recite the Mantra only 11 times daily will get you rid of diseases and get a healthy body.

Method of chanting the Rudra Mantra:
1. Start the Mantra Experiment from the day of the festival of Shivratri or on the first Monday of a Shukla Paksha.
2. Keep a white or yellow colored Chowki in front of you and keep the respective colored cloth on it.
3. In a copper plate, keep a Rudra Yantra.
4. Offer Bel Leaves and Kaner Flowers to the Rudra Yantra.
Offer the ingredients in the same order - 3 spoons each- Pure Ghee, Raw Milk, Panchamrit, Honey, Chandan Paste, Black Sesame Seeds, Akshat, Panchamrit again. Now, wipe the Yantra with a cloth and keep it on a mount of rice. Throw away the mixture of Milk, Panchamrit, etc. to a Peepal Tree.
5. On the Yantra, make a Tilak of Chandan.
6. Do Panchopchar Puja.
7. Worship Dakshinamurthy.
8. Worship Ganesh, Parvati and Vishnu.
9. Recite one rosary of the Gayatri Mantra and the Rudra Gayatri Mantra.
10. Recite the Rudra Kavach & Take a Sankalp for the fulfilment of your desired wishes.
11. Chant 1.25 lac times within 16 days.

Mantra: || Om Namo Bhagvate Rudraay ||
|| ॐ नमो भगवते रुद्राय ||

After the daily Mantra Japa, perform Aarti and the Mantra Pushpanjali.

The Mantra is wonderful and chanting it is as pleasing as drinking honey. It is primarily a Health Mantra but other wishes can also be fulfilled. As Lord Rudra and Lord Aghor are the one who create Mantras in Sanatan Dharma, this Mantra will greatly increase the chances of success in future Mantra Sadhanas.

The Rudra Mantra will bring optimum results if chanted in a Shivalay.


  1. Dear Sir,
    I guess without the procedure,and by chanting the mantra only,then this mantra wont be effective,na?

  2. Ashokji

    I can also pronounce om namo bhagavate rudraya ? Both are same ?

    Thank you

    1. Don't look for English pronunciation. Pronounce it as mentioned in Hindi

  3. Panditji. Please suggest remedy to sell my property. I am unable to sell it since last 5 years

    1. I m not a Pandit. Recite Panchmukhi Hanuman kavach 51 times daily for 68 days or recite Shiva sahasranaam stotra 3 times for 108 days. Success will be guaranteed.

  4. Guruji I m a hanuman bhakt. Last year on 29th Aug I have opened a new shop. So guruji please provide me a powerful mantra so that I can successfully continue my business...plz help me

    1. You can change the ram Hanuman mantra shared few days back

  5. Dear Ashok sir, what i am asking below is a common thing which i have seen on many mantras from this site. in this post u have given om namo bhagvate rudraay. But according to south indian pronounciation i have seen that people reciting OM NAMO BHAGAVATHE RUDRAAYA. Here bhagvate becomes BHAGAVATHE and rudraay becomes RUDRAAYA.i am from south india and iam used to the malayalam type the south indian prounounciation correct? please guide me regarding this matter as i am greatly confused since years regarding this matter.

  6. Is there at least one word following Rudraaya, such as Namah? Please clarify Sir.

  7. Sir ,
    1. Can you please elaborate on a Rudra yantra ?
    What pattern has to be there or are there any types of rudra yantras

    2. Can shivling be kept instead of rudra yantra ?
    I have Silver Base and spthatik Shivling at home .

    3. For completion of 1.25 lak in 16 days , 79 malas have to be done daily.
    Can this amount be done in 2 time durations .

    4. Do we have to do Havan Tarpan marjan etc or Japa is sufficient ?

    5. What should be the ideal time and direction

    1. 1. You can google for rudra yantra. A rudra yantra has 3 facedsadashiv photo on it
      2. You can keep on sphatik or parad shivling.
      3. Only one sitting

      4. Necessary
      5. Brahma muhurat is ultimate time

  8. Namaste, Ashok sir , as per lay man language we know havan but will u define the tarpan and marjan . pleas it will be helpful for us and how to perform

  9. Respected Gurus:

    Nice to meet, you my name's Javier and I do love hindu religion.
    I'm ashamed writting to you because I guess you're a very occupied man. However I'd love to know your opinion because I'm desperated. I'm from south America and I like hindu religion and forms of God. I'm living a very difficult moment in my life. Astrologically, I'm finishing Sade Sati but from Mars 2016 it has started Saturn Mahadasha. My life from May 2016 has been very difficult. I've helped myself with many aids (medicinal, exercises, psycology...etc), and I need Lord's help. During many months I've been worshiphing Lord Shiva, but my internal strength has decreased due to the several obstacles. I know Lord Shiva is the totality but maybe I need a more specific help....Ganesh or Hanuman, or should I perseverate in worshiping Lord Shiva?. I don´t really know. I'm afraid because I've promised Lord Shiva to worship Him.

    I'm an ignorant and my mind is overshadowed. I'd love to know the form of Lord (devata) that can help me in this moment of my life. I feel I cannot more without God's help.

    Could you give your opinon please? I'd appreciate it a lot. This is not a consultation, it's a humble request of a needy person.

    I beg your help.

    God bless you and thanks,

    Jj delgado

  10. You should recite Hanuman chalisa atleast 11 times daily for easing Shani's effects

    1. So, is it better for me replace my devotion towards Lord Hanuman? No problem for me.

  11. Ashokji/Neelji, Rin Mukti ke liye kya karay. Jo upay bataya hai iss website pe woh bathroom mein nahane ke samay karna hai jaisa ki aajkal hota hain bathroom aur WC ek hi main hai. toh kya kare, please advice

    1. Bathroom and WC are not one and the same and in fact this maine might be the reason for being in debt. I suggest you and your family to stop this and start reciting Shree sukt and lakshmi sukt daily 15 times followed by lakshmi gayatri mantra 1 rosary using kamalghatta rosary and Narayan gayatri mantra 1 rosary using tulsi mala daily.
      All this should be done between 6 to 7.30 pm daily and you will definitely get rid of debts.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Dear Ashokji,

    Thank you for your prompt reply. I will start all of the above and confirm the results. I had earlier done rinmukti mangal stotra but no positpfew queries which were told to me by a person who doees bhairav sadhna. May I have your email id to send the same.

  14. ashokji my email id is

  15. Dear sir,
    I'm a student, t trying for US visa, but rejected.
    Please suggest me so my work could be done asap.

  16. Sir,
    Can you please post the information about the mantra om rudraya namah

  17. Is there any mantra - om namo rudraay - if yes is the effect same asthat of om namo bhagvate rudraay

  18. Is there any comment om namo rudraay...


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