Indian Charm to Prevent Shoplifting

In this post, I have described a most simple Indian Protection Charm to prevent and put an end to shoplifting or any other kinds of thefts, which are normally faced by shopkeepers. This charm, which vibrates to a specify numerological vibration can be broadly categorized as a special Yantra. This Yantra is free from the normal rituals, rules and prescriptions that have to be followed while preparing Yantras, which is why, I have termed it to be a charm.

The Protective Charm, which has been shown in the diagram included in this post, can be prepared on any day and time by drawing it on white colored paper using any kind of ink.

Then it should be stuck on the wall of the shop, which faces the main entrance or door of the shop.

Indian Hindu Yantra Charm to Prevent Shoplifting
Indian Charm to Prevent Shoplifting
Notes – The charm is as mentioned above free from any kind of Tantra-Mantra-Puja and is a standalone Indian paranormal remedy for stopping thefts in a commercial premises.

The numbers in all the 16 boxes of this charm can be written in any other language, including Hindi.

The charm can be framed or laminated to prevent damage, if it gets damaged, it can be replaced by another similar charm.

Apart, from shopkeepers, the charm can also be used by other businessmen, like traders and manufacturers in their offices, factories or workshops to prevent thefts and pilferages.

Article has been written to give readers information Indian paranormal practices and this site is not in any position to guarantee the success of this remedy.


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