Akarshan Yantra for Getting Love

This Akarshan Yantra described by me in this post is specially made for getting the love and affection of a pined for man or woman. There are two special procedures in which this  Akarshan Yantra can be prepared and invoked for getting the love of any girl, boy or even bring back an ex-lover into your life. The Yantra Prayoga Kriya is given below.

The Akarshan Yantra can be prepared on any Subh Muhurat [auspicious time] of the day.  The Yantra should be drawn on a Bhojpatra with Saffron Paste, Kesar or Zafran in Hindi or by the Paste of Hartal, which is called as the Yellow Orpiment Mineral in English. The word नाम appearing in the center portion of the Yantra must be replaced with the name of the desired lover or ex-lover.

Indian Occult Love Akarshan Yantra for Getting Love
Akarshan Yantra for Getting Love

If the Yantra is drawn with Kesar, it must be worn on the body, by folding it nicely and inserting it in a Metal Locket and worn like a Love Charm around the neck.

If the Akarshan Yantra is drawn with Hartal, it must be rolled and wrapped completely in a thread, by tying the thread around the rolled Yantra. The rolled Yantra must be buried in the ground and then every day the practitioner must go to that spot with a glass of water, gargle the water, and pour it directly from his or her mouth over the spot where the Yantra is buried.

Both the Love Experiments will give the same output and hence anyone of the two Akarshan Yantra Vidhi can be selected and performed to get the love and affection of the sought after lover for the purpose of Love or Marriage.

There is no Puja-Vidhi or Vaskikaran, Mohini or Akarshan Mantra Siddhi Sadhana given in order to perform this Attraction Voodoo Love Spell.

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  1. if bhojpatra not available,can we write the yantra on a white piece of paper sir?,writing on white paper also gives the same effect as writing on bhojpatra?,thank you sir.

  2. It is like mohini yantra ..In mohini yantra it is described as (ta na ba ta sa) name . In this yantra it is described as(ta na va ta sa)both are same or different methods.

  3. Never hypnotize or patwo girls or aunties, other than wearing good cloths, bearing good body-sharerr, and sound mind...patwo to godess ko...

  4. sir can white paper be used because bhojpatra is not available..

  5. Neel sir good day
    I always read your articles and try some yantra mantras as per requirement
    I wsnted some knowledge about black magic done in food n might had given to eat how to remove it from stomach as it is said to be that food iteams remains in stomach for long time makes cancerous
    Kindly let me known some remedies regards sanjay acharya

  6. slight difference in mohini yantra and in this yantra .(ta na ba ta sa) in mohini yanrtra and (ta na va ta sa ) both are differnt are same yantra .pls reply

    1. There are many Yantras, which are variations of the same basic Yantras, this is one of them.

  7. Sir plz let me know with example how to do Muslim vashikaran yantra for men I have done it today but haven't written my or his name plz let me know is it done or should I do it again if I have to do it again plz tell how n by when can the result be seen.

  8. Sir I today I have done muslim Vashikaran yantra for men but haven't written any name is it considers as done or should I to it again. If I have to do it again plz tell how to do also when can I see the difference in his behaviour.

    1. Al all Yantra and Mantra Vidhis please follow all the steps given in the individual posts.
      Success is possible if you perform the Sadhana properly and with full faith and confidence.

  9. neel sir can I use a cloth to wrap in the bojpathra if metal locket is not available

  10. Respected Neel ji,
    in business it is often seen that whenn required people do not respond - inspite of repeated follow ups. Is there any mantra to make them respond quickly?

    1. There are numerous such Mantras in the Attraction Mantras Section for this specific problem.

  11. Neel ji when a bhojpatra is required for a yantra is it because at that time this was the only medium on which they could write and hence can a white plain paper be used or can ONLY and only a bhojpatra be used. will be extremely grateful for a reply...many many thanks for reading.


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