Islamic Peacock Feather Exorcism Mantra

This is an Islamic Peacock Feather Exorcism Mantra, which is known as the  Musalmani Mor Pankh Se Abhichar – Bhoot Pret –Buri Bala-Nazar  Door Karne Ka Mantra. Students of Indian Black magic and Exorcism Tantra Vidya will be interested to know that this Mantra originates or invoke the well-known Sorceress or Lady Tantric of the Middle or Early Middle Ages Lona Chamarin who is also referred to as Luna or Nona Chamarin as is evident from this Muslim Exorcism Mantra.

There are both Hindu and Muslim Shabar Mantras of all kinds, which either originate or invoke Lona Chamarin. This Exorcism Mantra is simple and easy to practice as it is a Siddhi Mantra, which does not need to be Mastered in order to practice it on a person believed to be the victim of Black magic, Evil Eye or Possession by Ghostly and other Invisible Paranormal Entities.

The Shabar Muslim Mantra given in this post must be chanted and a Bunch of Peacock feathers have to be rotated and moved over the body of the victim[ Utara from head to toe] who is believed to be at the receiving end of the Paranormal Activities mentioned above. The entire procedure must be repeated 21 times one after the other in order to make this Occult Voodoo Spell beneficial and relieve the victim of HIS Paranormal troubles.

ॐ नमो आदेश गुरु की नोना चमारिन जगत की चपली मोती दिलते चमके गम गम गम के पिंड में  ज्यान बिजुयान करे तो उसे टोना पर ऊपर परे | दुहाई तख़्त सुलेमान बादशाह की |
Om Namo Aadesh Guru Ki Nona Chamarin Jagat Ki Chapali Moti Dilate Chamke Gam Gam Gam Ke Pind Mem Jyaan Bijuyaan Kare To Uase Tona Par Uapar Pare | Duhai Takht Suleman Badshah Ki |

If need by the same Exorcism Ritual must be repeated on the next day or until the victim experiences relief.

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