Exorcism by Oil Mantra

The Mantra Ritual described by me in this post is an Exorcism by Oil Shabar Mantra Experiment. This Indian Voodoo Spell is said to remove all kinds of Black Magic and Evil-Eye Spells cast by any malefic and dangerous Occult Spell Caster or Evil Tantric. In the Hindi language, this Spell is known as Tel Se Kala Jadu Tona Aur Buri Atma Dur Karne Ka Mantra. The method of putting this Exorcism Mantra into action is mentioned below.

The Mantra does not need any kind of Siddhi Sadhana, which means that Mastery is not needed in order to perform the Exorcism ritual. The Exorcism ritual can be performed on any day at any time. The practitioner must make the victim of Black Magic or Possession sit before him. If the victim is in no condition to sit then he can be made to lie down on the floor. After this, the practitioner should follow Exorcism ritual, which, I have described below.

A piece of cloth must tied to a stick, dipped, soaked in Castor Oil, Arandi Ka Tel in Hindi, and then set ablaze. A utensil filled with water should be placed below the burning piece of cloth. When the Oil starts dripping from the burning piece of cloth into the water, the practitioner must chant the Exorcism Mantra given below 21 times. Each time the practitioner chants the Mantra he must blow his breath over the body of the person who is believed to be the victim of Black Magic, Evil Eye or a Harmful Ghost or Spirit.

ॐ काकल्क कपाट वज्र परबत लंक अलक पलंका फलक फलीका यती की बाधा गुरु की सांचा सत्यों ||
Om Kaakalka Kapaat Vajra Parbat Lank Aalak  Palamka Falak Falika Yati Ki Badha Guru Ki Saanchaa Satyom ||

This concludes the Exorcism By Oil Mantra Ritual, if need be it can be repeated again until the victim experiences relief and the Evil Occult Spell is destroyed or reverted or if the Mystic Entity has been removed from his body, aura or surroundings.

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