Paranormal Experiments for Brain Power and Honor

In this post, I have described a couple of Indian paranormal experiments to increase and enhance brain power and earn the respect of everyone. These paranormal experiments make the use of the root of the Gunja plant, whose botanical name is Abrus precatorius and is commonly called in the English language as Rosary Pea or Indian Licorice.

The recommended Shubh Muhurat to  bring home the root of the Gunja Plant as per Vedic Astrology are given below, these Shubh Muhurat are also applicable for all earlier posts in which Tantric experiments using the Gunja Plant and its parts are given.
Ravi Pushya Yoga
Guru Pushya Yoga
Shri Krishna Ashtami Hast Yoga
Shri Krishna Chaturdashi Swati Yoga
Shri Krishna Satabhisha Yoga
Shukra Rohini Yoga- It is considered excellent if any Solar or Lunar Eclipse has occurred near about this Astrological Yoga.
If unable to perform the experiments on these Shubh Muhurat, they can be performed on any auspicious Tithi, Grahan Kaal or Hindu Festival.

In many earlier posts, I have given many paranormal experiments of all kinds and for varied purposes, which are practiced using the parts of the Gunja Plant. Hindu Tantra Shastra believes that this Vanaspati possesses strong magical paranormal properties. To have a look at some other Tantric experiments, which make the use of the Gunja Plant, have a look at this article- Here

To increase Intelligence and Brain Power- A Portion of the root of the Gunja Plant should be rubbed vigorously in a little bit of Goat Milk to prepare a paste.  This Gunja paste should be applied and lightly rubbed on the on the palms. Performing this Kriya regularly is said to sharpen and enhance intelligence, mind, memory and grasping power of the practitioner.

The practitioner is easily able to solve pressing problems on find his way out of difficult situations and circumstance by using his sharp mind and intelligence.

To get Respect, Honor and Impress Everyone- A portion of the root of the Gunja Plant should be vigorously rubbed in clean drinking water to prepare a past. The practitioner should apply a Tilak of the Gunja root paste on his forehead. The Tantra says that if the practitioner goes to any public place, meeting, debate, lecture or even to his office or social circle with the Gunja paste Tilak on his forehead he or she will be able to impresses everyone, earn their respect and make them amicable.

Note- There is no Mantra Sadhana, Puja-Vidhi or any other form of worship needed as per the Vanaspati Tantra to perform these paranormal experiments.

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