Vashikaran Spell to Make Person Obedient

This Vashikaran Goli or Tablet Tantra is from the Kaak Tantra, which is a mystical Indian Paranormal Tantra, which uses the body parts of the Kaak or the Crow to cast fearsome Voodoo Spells of all kinds. The Vashikaran Spell described in this post is practiced cast a Spell on a desired person, which is said to make that person as obedient, loving  and submissive as a pet dog and make the person blindly follow any order or command of the practitioner.

This Akarshan Experiment should be performed on the first Monday of any Hindu Lunar Month. On this Monday, the practitioner should obtain the feathers of a Crow. The Crow feathers have to be tied with a thread to a cane like stick of the Anjeer Tree, which is known in the English language as the Fig Tree.

Then the practitioner should take the stick in his hand and beat a black colored dog seven times with the stick. After beating the black dog, the practitioner should Burn the stick and the crow feather to ash.

Then the practitioner should spit in the ash of the Anjeer stick, crow feathers, and prepare small rounded balls from this ash.  These Tantric Balls are known in the Hindi language as the Vashikaran Goli or Tablets.

The Kaak Tantra says that when ever needed to cast an Occult Vashikaran Spell on any person the practitioner should throw the Vashikaran Goli on the body of that person. This the Kaak Tantra further say will make that person as obedient, submissive and loving as a pet dog, which will do anything to please its master.

The Vashikaran Totka can be tried to attract and hypnotize any man or woman for the purpose of love, marriage, friendship or business.  As per the Kaak Tantra, there is no Vashikaran Mantra-Yantra attached to this enchantment experiment, which mean it can be practiced as described in this post.

Note- I have personally not witnesses this strange and weird sounding Vashikaran Totka being successful tested by any one so I am not in a position to guarantee its success.

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  1. Is it a must that the crow feathers be acquired on the monday? Can i get the feathers and the fig tree before the monday?

  2. can i obtain feathers from different crows? please reply. thanks

    1. Yes, you can use the feathers of different crows in order to perform this Vashikaran Totka.

  3. The only point that I would like to specify is:
    Beating a Black Doggy 7 times-
    Please friends..beating does not literally mean beat to cause pain to the doggy, merely light touch only.
    I don't agree to cause any kind of pain to anybody for our benefit.
    Thank You.

  4. Can I use stem from Krishna fig for this experiment?

  5. Namaskar guruji
    What should be done to make success


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