Mantra for Health and Prosperity of Husband

The Sloka described by me in this post is a most powerful devotional invocation to increase the life span, good health and freedom from diseases and good fortune and prosperity of a husband.  This Sloka-Mantra, which has to be chanted by a wife for the happiness of her husband, is dedicated to Guru Dattatreya. In the Hindi language, this Mantra Prayoga is known as Pati Ko Acchi Tabiyat, Lambi Ayu Aur Soubhagya Me Vriddhi Hetu Mantra.

The Shri Dattatreya Mantra is Satvik, meaning Pure and hence the wife should maintain good personal hygiene if she wished to practice this Mantra Sadhana. The Mantra can be chanted daily with full faith and single-minded devotion once daily or chanted 108 times on a Thursday. Any kind of Japa Mala can be utilized for the purpose.

Dattatreya Sloka for Health and Prosperity of Husband
Mantra for Health and Prosperity of Husband

The wife has to chant the Mantra after having a bath and wearing clean, washed and unsoiled clothes. She should strictly avoid the chanting of the Mantra during her Menstrual Cycle.

This Dattatreya Mantra Prayoga as mentioned above is a Satvik Guni Mantra Sadhana and will most certainly show positive results in giving good health, luck and happiness to the husband gradually over a period of time if performed with love and unselfish devotion.

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  1. Sir, in English version, 'Soubhagyam' sounds different from Hindi version, as in Hindi, there is no dot on its top to pronounce it with '....yam' at end.
    2) gradually over a period of time mean few years/ months or weeks ?

    1. Yes, the Bindu got omitted in the image.
      It is Soubhagyam.
      This is a simple long-term Satvik Mantra Sadhana, which is said to ensure the well-being and protection of the husband for a long period of time, which means life-long.

  2. During pregnancy can I recite Dattatreya mantra for my husband.

  3. Hello,
    I was wondering if i can do 1 jaapmaal of this mantra daily, or do i strictly follow as stated above.
    Once daily 108times in Thursday. Could you please advice.
    Thankyou in advance.

    Warm Regards

    1. There are no strict rules you can practice the Mantra as per your wishes.

    2. Thankyou so much for the answer.

      Warm Regards
      Gouri Inamdar


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