Remedy to Remove Enmity Between Planets

This is post, which describes a simple and easy method of removing enmity between two planets in a Horoscope. This astrological remedy can be practiced if a learned astrologer has informed the practitioner that his Horoscope contains two or more planets in the same House, who are enemies of each other [Kundli Ke Ek Ghar Me Shatru-Dushman Grah Hai].  Such an astrological condition destroys, minimizes or restricts the positive benefits of that particular House in the Horoscope.

To give an example sample case, if Sun[Surya] and Saturn [ Shani] who are known to be enemies of each other are present in the Seventh House of the Horoscope, then they destroy the positive benefits of the Seventh House, which influences partnerships, business, marriage and legal  matters.

In the sample case mentioned above, the practitioner has to make use of the planet Mercury [Budh] who is a friend of both Sun and Saturn. This has to be done by keeping in his home a Budh Karak Vastu [thing said to have the influence of Mercury] for example a sapling of a tree, which bears flowers. In this way, by the Madhyastha [Mediation] of Mercury, the practitioner is able to resolve the enmity between Sun and Saturn and gain the full benefits of the Seventh House of his Horoscope,

This is a simple, easy to practice and cost effective remedy to resolve the astrological problem of enemy planets being present in the same House of the Horoscope [Graham Ka Shatruta Nivaran Sedha Aur Saral Upay or Totka]. There is absolutely no need to go in for expensive, time consuming and complicated astrological remedies as the remedy mentioned above achieves the same result.

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  1. Can you please elaborate this remedy:

    For Example Lets take Grahan Yoga formed By
    (Sun/Moon) + (Rahu /Ketu) In any house ,
    say in 9th house there is Moon + Ketu which are enemies then what can the practioner do

    1. In the example given by you The Moon has no enemy or unfriendly planets.

    2. Dear Sir,
      Can you post some remedy or solution for No planets located in 7th House of lagna kundali?

      It will be very helpful.


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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