Bhairava Mantra Sadhana to Heal Sick Child

This is a Kaal Bhairava Mantra Remedy, which was described to me by a Mantra Upasak, which is said to invoke Kaal Bhairava, if a child is not responding to medicines.  The Tantra, which is described here is for the devoted followers of Bhairava to help them find a way out from their troubles and is to be practiced by the mother of the sick child who is unresponsive to medical treatment.

There are two kinds of Tantras of worshipping Kaal Bhairava for healing the child and make it respond to the medical treatment given in this post.  Then first Tantra is a simple form of the worship of Kaal Bhairava. The second Tantra is performed to prepare a Kaal Bhairav Mantra infused Healing Talisman for healing the child. Any one of the two healing remedies can be performed by the mother of the sick child.

The mother of the child has to chant the Kaal Bhairav Stotra 16 times and then apply on the forehead of the sick child Udi, which is the leftover ash of the Dhoop or Agarbatti from the Puja-Place.

The second method of performing this Tantra is to chant the Kaal Bhairav Stotra 27 times and then stitch the Udi, also known as Vibhuti in a cloth Tabeez. Then a Black Thread should be taken and Eight Knots should be tied on two sides of the Black Thread and the Tabeez should be tied in the center.

The prepared Tabeez should be offered Doop and Deep and the Kaal Bhairav Mantra given below should be chanted 108 times using a Rudraksha Beads Japa Mala.

ॐ ह्रीं ह्रां ह्रूं रूद्रमूर्तये, काल्भैरवाय नमः ॐ
Om Hreem Hraam Hroom Rudramoortaye Kaalbhairavaaya Namah Om

Then once again the Kaal Bhairav Stotra should be chanted 3 times and then the Tabeez should be tied around the neck of the sick child as a Healing Talisman.

The Kaal Bhairav Stotra is said to be very effective if chanted One hour after Sunset. Both the Bhairava Puja Sadhanas mentioned above are also said to effective in exorcising the child of any Buri Nazar, Upri Hawa- Bala, Jadu-Tona or any other kind of Black magic Voodoo Spell.

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