Do Stars Predict Civil War in India

The probable chances of a civil war in India have surfaced from time to time ever since Indian gained independence in 1947.  Today there is a heated debate on the religious intolerance issue between the supporters of Hinduism and those opposed to it, led by the leftist oriented Indians of Hindu origin. Over the past decade or so India has witnessed a widespread mushrooming of leftist oriented NGO’s who appear to have surfaced out of nowhere. This has led to strife and friction between the leftists or secularists and supporters of Hinduism.  Do the Stars foretell that this no-stop strife will lead to a civil War in India in the coming days?

India and Hinduism has survived for thousands of years, in spite of repeated invasions and plunders. However, having said that India is at the moment experiencing a huge population explosion as its population is day-by-day increasing in an uncontrolled and unabated manner.  Narrow political compulsions are preventing any government of the day to take a stand on this serious problem.

The widening gap between the available recourses and the mushrooming population of India is and in the near future will prevent it from coming anywhere close to the “India Shinning” or “Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat” dream of many.

The race to hog the national resources basesd upon caste combinations and narrow political considerations is on the rise with dominant castes trying to corner the scarce resources. The prophecy on the “Rise of Warlords”, meaning “Caste Based Political Families” Large portions of India are being controlled by Caste Based Political Families with a single pointed agenda of ensuring that power remains within their family.

Islamic terror will be on the rise; the most dangerous part is that it is being linked by the secular elements to the rising intolerance and so-called Hindu Terror.

The politicians have repeatedly made a laughing stock of themselves, the height of stupidity being in July when the Rajya Sabha was adjourned repeatedly, no business transacted over differences of opinion over the Gaza Conflict as important Bills, and Legislations remained pending.  The recent terrorist bombings occurred in France and the secularists stared comparing it to minuscule/non-existent Hindu Right Wing terror. Nostradamus- “The endless and senseless debates go on and on as the population cry in despair”

The Stars do predict difficult and trying times ahead for India. Economic Crises, Sharp Inflation and Shortage of Essential Commodities are very much on the cards. There is also a strong probability of a Stock Market and Real Estate Meltdown, which could lead to a Crash with a lot of large corporate institutions going bankrupt as widespread chaos coupled with an atmosphere of uncertainty grips the nation.

Having, said all this, once again, I must say that the future is dynamic and ever changing and the probable future changes every passing moment.

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  1. india will do well and there will be lot of growth.

    indian astrology predictions

  2. You have mentioned economic meltdown for indusrties and real estate , which can be seen very clearly .
    So when there is trouble on a regional part , do normal upays or totke for Business or Vyapaar Vriddhi work in difficult times or are there any different sadhanas to keep up the business in those times .

    1. The paranormal remedies, including Mantra, Yantra and Totke will work in any condition, including difficult economic and political times.


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