Indian Herbal Home Remedy for Impotence

In this post, I have described a simple and easy to practise Indian Herbal Home Remedy for removing impotence or erectile dysfunction in men.  This particular herbal remedy to get relief from impotency and have normal sexual relations with women is practiced using the seeds of the Gunja or Rosary Pea Plant, the magical healing plant about, which I have given detailed information, in some of the recent posts.

The simple home remedy for impotence or Napunsakta Ka Gharelu Upchar/Upay as it is called in the Hindi language is practiced by rubbing the Gunja Seeds in Pure Ghee [ Pure Clarified Butter], which is prepared from the Milk of a Buffalo. Even though Cow Ghee is more extensively used in traditional Indian Medicine and Ayurveda for this particular remedy, the Vanaspati Tantra has prescribed the use of the Buffalo Ghee.

The Gunja Seeds, which are known to contain aphrodisiac properties, which are known to increase sexual desire and act as a stimulant, are rubbed in the Buffalo Ghee to prepare a paste. This paste should be prepared in the same way in which the Chandana or Sandalwood paste is prepared by rubbing it on a rubbing board.

The Buffalo Ghee-Gunja Seeds paste should then be applied lightly on the sexual organs[Lape Lagana in Hindi] and the body parts surrounding them and then lightly massaged from top to bottom[Upar Se Niche Halka Malish Karna].  This home remedy should be practiced every day for at least a week or so to see if positive results are obtained and if the  sexual organs of the man are stimulated.

This, the Vanaspati Tantra says removes impotence and increase sexual desire and the man is said regain the capacity to have normal physical relations with women.

For wider choice, you can also refer to the section on Indian Sexual Health Remedies to find a home remedy of your choice and liking.

Note- This and all other remedies published on this site are only meant for educational purposes, if you desire to practice any of them it is advisable to consult your physician to ascertain if the remedies suit your physical constitution.

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