Most Powerful Shabri Yantra

The Yantra described in this post is one of the most popular and famous of the Hindu Shabar Yantras available in the market. This Yantra, which is also known as the Shabri Yantra is considered to be a most powerful Vipatti , Upadravi, Abhichara Badha Nashak Yantra for a house or a commercial place like a office or shop. This means a most powerful Protective Talisman to prevent and destroy all kinds of Misfortunes, Calamities, Accidents, Black magic Voodoo Spells and Dangerous Ghostly Entities from the Spirit World from entering the house or premises.

Many readers who have seen this Yantra in the Market have written to me asking the methods to use and energize this Yantra and keep it in their homes or offices. In this post, I have explained the simple process of energizing and using the Yantra.

The Shabri Yantra, which is easily available in the market can be purchased or if you want to make it at home you have to draw the Yantra as shown in the image on a Bhojpatra with the ink [paste] of Kesar, Raktchandana, Kasturi, Gorochana or Ashtagandha [all these items are easily available in any store dealing in Tantric or Hindu religious Puja items]. To draw the Yantra an Aanar Kalam [small pointed stick of the Pomegranate tree] or a Gold or Silver Pin or pointed object should be used.

Most Powerful Siddha Navnath Vidya Shabri Yantra
Most Powerful Shabri Yantra

The as always the Yantra should be sincerely worshipped with offerings of nice smelling flowers and the lighting of incense stick and oil lamp in front of the Yantra.

After, this the special Shabar Mantra given below to energize the Yantra should be chanted 1008 times while sitting in front of the Yantra.  A Rudraksha Beads Japa Mala should be used for counting the number of Mantra Chants.

ॐ हांक हींक क्लीकं होंक व्य्यक ह्योंक हेः ||
Om Haamka Himka Klikam Homka Vyyaka Hyomka Heah ||

Then the Yantra can be placed in the house or office in any position, which faces the main door or entrance to the house. The Shabri Yantra can be prepared on any auspicious Hindu Tithi or festival or any kind of Solar or Lunar Eclipse.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Do we have to use all of the mentioned items to use as ink like Raktchandan,Kasturi,Kesar or any one can be used?


  2. Namashkar Guruji,

    I have worshiped Shri Bhuvaneshwari Devi mata and got success in court case which is a major headache of my life and symbols of success of other things in my life as per Sankalp. I have gathered this procedure from the different sources. Can you please publish this useful procedure in your web site. waiting for your words to send the procedure.

  3. Sir, somewhere in your posts, you have mentioned that white paper can be used in place of bhojpatra. Can we use white paper in this case also ?
    2) If yes, do the other procedures like anar ki kalam and saffron be same or should be replaced by orange or red sketch pen ?
    3) As suggested, the yantra should be placed in the house in front of the main door. At my place, this type of location is at some 40 feet inside our house. Between the door and this location, everyone roam about , being part of a room and also common passage and verandah. Is such type of position OK.
    Please advice,Sir.

    1. You can always use white paper and red ink of any pen to make the Yantra, including a ball-pen.
      Any convenient place, which faces the main door will do for placing the Yantra.

  4. Sir,most humbly I may beg to submit that please advice as I have benefited a lot from your posts and subsequent pieces of advice in the past. Very simple, I shall not perform the remedy on the advice of ANY ONE ELSE than yourself. This blog has been best for two reasons, one for its superb material and other your subsequent replies to the reader's queries. Public has been used to and has appreciated your personal advice on individual queries. Without your personal element, the importance of the blog will come down by 50%. As these remedies are emotional and technical matters, every SERIOUS person can ask your goodself before actually performing.
    Sorry, if I have offended you but the fact remains as I have mentioned 'supra'.

    1. Please carry on with your Sadhana, as I am busy these days and mostly travelling it becomes difficult to reply in detail to comments of readers like yourself. I will be busy till the last week of December after, which the things will get back to normal.

  5. Sir, my humble request to your good self regarding my confusion mentioned in December 16, 2015 request.

    2) oil lamp here means mustard oil or pure ghee ?

    1. Any Oil Lamp will do, however Pure Ghee is better.

  6. Sir, as per post ,are the misfortunes, calamities and accidents etc linked to 'ghostly entities from spirit world' or are INDEPENDENT situations ?

    1. Some problems arise from unknown sources, it is hard categorise them.

  7. Sir, please let me know on which side of the main entrance should I place this yantra, from outside on the main door or from inside on the main door? Original Kasturi & Gorochana r too expensive so is it must or I can use the ordinary which we get it at cheap rate in the pooja shop?

    1. On the outside in the center on the center of the top outer frame. The items given in the post should only be used for making this Yantra.


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