Mantra to Prevent Guns From Firing

This very interesting Shabar Stambhan Mantra described by me in this post is to immobilize a Gun and prevent it from firing at you or any other person. This Hindu Shabar Mantra, which seeks the blessings of the Mighty Hanuman, is probably from the late Middle Ages when the European Merchants introduced Guns into the Indian Sub-Continent. These Guns later on proved to be a decisive factor in establishing British Rule in India.

There is no lengthy and difficult Siddhi Sadhana-Vidhi of any kind prescribed in the Tantra in order to Master and utilize this Stambhan Mantra to immobilize a Gun and stop it from firing bullets. Hence, this is a Siddha Mantra, which can be used in actual practice as it is described by me in this post.

However, extreme caution has to be maintained and the Experiment should as far as possible not attempted as it is a most dangerous Mantra Experiment and I have not personally witnesses it being tried and tested by any person.

To immobilize a Gun and this includes all kinds of Guns and Firearms, including Rifles, Shotguns, Revolvers, Pistols and Cannons, the Experiment given below should be performed.

The little amount of Un-boiled Milk of a Single Colored Cow [ Black, Brown, White or any other Single Color] should be taken in a Mug and infused with this Shabar Mantra by holding the Milk in the right hand and chanting the Mantra given below 21 times.

ॐ नमो आदेश गुरु का | जल बांधू | जलाई बांधू | बांधू खाती ताई | सवा लाख अहेढी बांधू | गोली चाली तो हनुमान यती की दुहाई | शब्द सांचा पिंड कांचा | फुरो मंत्र ईश्वरो वाचा |
Om Namo Aadesh Guru Ka | Jal Baandhoo | Jalaaee Baandhoo | Baandhoo Khati Taee | Sava Lakh Aahedhi Baandhoo | Goli Chali To Hanuman Yati Ki Duhaee | Shabd Saancha Pind Kaancha | Furo Mantra Ishwaro Vaacha |

Then, the Shabar Mantra infused Milk should be thrown on the Barrel of the Gun. This the Shabar Tantra says prevents the Gun from firing its bullets or Cannon Balls.

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  1. Before you finst chanting this, you'll already be dead lol


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