Mantra for Possessing Great Strength

Kumbhakarna needs no introduction to any Indian or for that matter any person who follows Hinduism and its glorious heritage.  The Shabar Mantra, which, I have described in this post is said to make it possible for the practitioner to possess great and immense strength and become strong and powerful like Kumbhakarna.

Kumbhakarna, the younger brother of the Demon King Ravana was basically a Satvik[Pure] person who went astray due to the malefic influence of Ravana, Kumbhakarna possessed such great strength that no warrior could stand before him, he is said to have annihilated entire armies of powerful soldiers. Even Hanuman failed to defeat Kumbhakarna and ultimately Shri Ram killed him

The Kumbhakarana Mantra for Possessing Great Strength given below should be chanted 1000 times using a Rudraksha Japa Mala. This is said to give the practitioner Mastery over the Mantra.  Before commencing the Mantra chanting the practitioner should bring a mental image of Kumbhakarna in his mind and while chanting the Mantra imagine the immense power and strength is entering his body.

ॐ अहो कुम्भकर्ण महा राक्षस निकषा गर्भ आज्ञापय स्वाहा  ||
Om Aaho Kumbhakarna Maha Rakshasa Nikasha Garbha Aaagyapaya Swaha ||

Then while going for a fight, the practitioner should take a White Cotton Thread, hold it in his right hand, and chant the Mantra 108 times to infuse the White Thread with the power and potency of the Kumbhakarna Invocation Shabar Mantra. Then he should tie the Mantra Infused White Thread like a Protective Talisman on his right upper arm.

Note- the Mantra Experiment was used in the Early and Late Middle Ages by soldiers going for a war. I am not in a position to vouch for the success of this Mantra Experiment to gain unsurpassed strength, as I have not seen this Mantra being tested by any person in an actual fight or war.

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  1. will the gained strength be only applicable in fight and war or his general level of strength will also improve

    1. The Tantra says that by the chanting of this Mantra, the chanter will gain in physical strength.

  2. Sir sorry but is this really works

  3. Sir Neel can i chant this mantra without using rudraksya japa mala because here in the philippines it is hard to find rudraksya japa mala i will just use segments in the fingers using both hands that kind of counting is it ok thank you Sir Neel for sharing your knowledge

    1. If not Rudraksha, you could use any other counting rosary, the only reason is counting with finger segments would make you uncomfortable and your concentration would be focused on the counting and not the mantra.

  4. Sir can you please give me the most powerful Shabar Vidhya Mantra to produce the Supreme Supernatural Powers.....

  5. Hi guru ji,
    Can we chant this mantra at home or out side the home, any preventing powers may disturbs during the chant,
    Please kindly suggest the rules and secure way to get maestry over it. Tnq

  6. Actually Hanuman could have defeated Kumbhakaran since he is one can defeat Rudra not even Lord Ram


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