Mantra to Remove Husbands Lover

The Uchchatan Mantra to Remove the Husbands Lover described by me in this post invokes the most powerful Hindu God of Strength Hanuman. Uchchatan, as repeatedly explained in many earlier posts means to remove and drive someone away permanently from your life. This Shabar Hanuman Uchchatan Mantra is known in the Hindi language as the Sautan Se Chutkara Pane Ka Mantra. Sautan means the Second Illegal Wife or Lover of the Husband, Soutan or the Other Woman related problems are very common in India. Manny harassed wives frequently write to me asking for some Mantra, Yantra or Gharelu Totka and Upay to permanently resolve this problem.

The Shabar Hanuman Mantra has to be Mastered and the Siddhi has to be gained by chanting the Mantra 5000 times using a Counting Rosary of Hakik Stones. The word Amuk should be replaced with the name of the Sautan in the Mantra.

Sautan Se Chutkara Pane Ka Mantra
Mantra to Remove Husbands Lover

Then, to practice this Shabar Uchchatan Mantra Experiment the anxious wife must procure the Tantric Item Siyar Singhi [ Gidar Singhi] believed to be the Horn of a rare and mystical Jackal, for more information on the Siyar Singhi, see this post – Here. And two Hakik Stones, Agate Stones [any color will do for performing this paranormal remedy].

Then, after procuring the Siyar Singhi and Hakik Stones, the wife should place these items before her on a wooden board and write the name of the Sautan on one of the Hakik Stones. The name can be written with Ashtagandha, Raktchandana, Kesar or Chandana paste using a pointed wooden stick.

After this, the wife should wrap and tie the Siyar Singhi and the Hakik Stone on which she has written the name of the Sautan in a red colored piece of cloth and keep the bundle in her cupboard. The other Hakik Stone has to be buried in the ground.

This concludes the Hanuman Mantra Experiment to remove the Other Woman from the life of the Husband. The same Mantra Experiment can be tried by a lover to remove her competitor from the life of her boyfriend. Men can also perform this Mantra Sadhana in order to remove the lovers of their wives or girlfriends.

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  1. How men can be performed this mantra? Any mantra words changes? Please help thanks for ur time guruji jay siyaraam

    1. Men can also perform this Vashikaran Mantra Prayoga as indicated in the above article. There is no need to change any of the wordings of the Mantra.

  2. Should I have to practice with the hakik stones and rosary.. Can you please reply me sir..

    1. Yes, this Mantra Experiment should be performed exactly as describe by me in the post.

  3. Can we do only mantra chanting? As the siyar singhi procedure is impossible to perform at home in front of family members

    1. The Mantra Prayog will success only if it is done as described in the post.


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