Dattatreya Yantra Mantra for Laxmi Prapti

A most powerful and potent  Shri Guru Dattatreya Mantra, which infuses a Laxmi Prapti Hetu Yantra in order to get money, wealth, prosperity and abundance, is described by me in this post.  This is a special money generation Yantra-Mantra Experiment, which is Pure is and most suitable for the Satvik Guni people who wish to become rich and prosperous in an honest and upright manner.

The Laxmi Prapti Hetu Yantra show by me in the image should be prepared on a Tambe Ka Patra [Copper Sheet]. The Yantra –Mantra Sadhana should be performed on a Tuesday on a Shubh Nakshatra.  The Rohini, Uttara, Ashwini, Pushya, Abhijeet, Hasta, Mruga, Chitra, Anuradha, Revati Nakshatras are considered to be auspicious Nakshatras for preparing this Money and Wealth Yantra-Mantra Remedy.

Dattatreya Yantra for Laxmi Prapti Hetu Experiment to get rich
Dattatreya Yantra for Laxmi Prapti Hetu

To energize the Laxmi Prapti Hetu Yantra, the Yantra should be placed in front of you on a wooden board and offered Dhoop, Diya and Red Colored Flowers. Then the Dattatreya Mantra shown in the image should be chanted continuously for 3 Malas or 324 Mantra Chants. Any Japa Mala can be used to count the number of Mantra Repetitions.

Lastly, the Mantra Energized Laxmi Hetu Yantra should be kept in the house, shop, office or business premises on a Friday or on the most auspicious day of Guru Pushya Amrit Siddhi Yoga.

Dattatreya Mantra for infusing the Laxmi Prapti Hetu Yantra
Dattatreya Mantra for Laxmi Prapti Hetu

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Is it possible if we make on Bhojpatra because manytimes copper sheet might not available. And with which ink or instrument we need to make the Yantra?


    1. The Yantra Sadhana should be performed as mentioned in the post, on a Copper Sheet.

  2. Dear Neel sir the above sadhana has to be performed on Tuesday, where to keep the prepared yantra until friday. If it is alright we put the yantra in a bag and keep it at pooja place on friday.

    1. It is all right to keep the Yantra in your Puja-Place on Firday, until then you can keep it in any other place like a cupboard.

  3. Dear sir
    could you please knidly tell me what should I use to write with on copper sheet, I tried to read few times but it does not say any where.Please reply.
    Thank you
    Renu Chopra

  4. Dear Sir,
    Please tell which instrument to use to write on copper sheet?


    1. The Yantra should be embossed on a copper sheet as shown in the image from a shop or workshop, which specialises in writing/carving on metal.

  5. Dear Neel Sir,
    Please suggest some yantra tantra mantras for getting a job in MNCs for my son who is well qualified engineer done his DME, BEmech. Please🙏🌝


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