Vashikaran Spell to Captivate Women

This is a Vashikaran Spell, which, I discovered in an old Indian Tantric Text, which was written in the Sanskrit language. The Voodoo Vashikaran Spell is cast to enchant and captivate any woman, including a Kamini, meaning a beautiful and comely girl possessing great beauty. I have described the Vashikaran Vidhi below in this post.

The Churna or Powder for practicing this Vashikaran Totka should be prepared during the specific period of the Pushya Nakshatra, which in the English language is known as the constellation of Delta Cancri.

To prepare the Vashikaran Powder the items, mentioned below should be collected during the period mentioned above.
A feather of each of the right and left wings of the Cheel Pakshi, this bird is known in the English language as the Indian Kite or the Pariah Kite, which is a medium sized bird of prey.  The Kite is a very common bird, which is found all over India.
The Ash of the thorns of the Milk Brush Plant, this plant is known in the Hindi language as the Thuhar Plant, which is considered to be a medicinal healing plant in Ayurveda and traditional Indian Medicine
A portion of the root of the Kalihari Plant also called Kalahari and Glory Lilly in English. This plant is also considered to possess medicinal healing properties.
Some Feces of a Monkey.
The Blood of the Ring Finger, Anamika Ungli in Hindi.

These items have to be nicely mixed and powdered to make a fine Vashikaran Powder, the Text mentions if this Powder is sprinkled on the head of the desired woman, she rapidly comes under the Vashikaran Spell of the practitioner.

Even though, the Text does not indicate as per my opinion, this Vashikaran Experiment can also be attempted by women to cast a spell on a desired man to put his under total control and management.

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  1. Hello sir, in the above experiment you mentioned about ash of the Thorns of MILK BRUSH plant, when I googled it, says, MILK BRUSH plant doesn't have any thorns. It belongs to cactus family with out thorns. please let me know which type of cactus. Thank You.

  2. Aapne itne sare vashikarn k spell bta diye bt spne yeh nhi btaya in sab se bahr ksise nikale kisi ko ...


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