Mantra for getting Material Comforts

This is a Hindu Shabar Mantra for getting Material Comforts or a Bhautik Sukh Prapti Mantra as it is known as in the Hindi language.  From the wordings of the Mantra, it can be seen that this Mantra invokes Vishnu and Devraj Indra, the King of the Dev Loka.  However, at the very outset, I must mention that this Mantra Experiment for generating money, wealth and all kinds of material comforts is a Tamas Guni or fearsome Mantra Experiment as it involves the use of certain body parts of a Hawk and is from the Aghori Shabar Baaz Tantra.

The Shabar Mantra Experiment has to be conducted on the banks of a river [Nadi Kinare] on the Saptami or Seventh Tithi of the Shukla Paksha [Bright half of the Hindu Lunar Month].  On this day, the Sadhaka has to procure both the feet of a Baaz Pakshi, known as the Hawk in English.  He should have a bath before commencing the Mantra Sadhana and chant the Mantra, which I have given in the image 12.500 times using a Rudraksha Beads Japa Mala for counting the number of Mantra Repetitions.

Hindu Shabar Bhautik Sukh Samriddhi Prapti Mantra
Mantra for getting Material Comforts

After, completing the number of Mantra Repetitions, the Sadhaka should cut, remove, keep with him a small portion each of both the feet of the Hawk, and immerse the remaining potion of the Hawk feet  in the river.

Then, the Sadhaka should insert the cut leg portions of the Hawk in a Gold Locket-Amulet or Kawach in Hindi and seal the Kawach with Sealing Wax or any other sealing substance so that it remains intact in the Kawach and does not get spoilt or rotten.

Then to conclude the Bhautik Sukh Prapti Mantra Prayoga, the Sadhaka should tie the Locket with a Silk Thread and wear it around the neck like a good luck charm. The Amulet also gives protection from accidents. natural calamities and enemies.

Note- The purpose of writing about this unique Indian Tantric Experiment is not to harm the Hawk, but to give information about rare and hidden Hindu Tantric Practices.

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  2. Hello Sir, please provide some mantra or a method for getting rid of mosquitoes. Municipalities are not doing anything and mosquitoes are becoming life threatening. Thanks.


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