The Secret Working of Vashikaran Love Potions

This post is intended to answer the regular dose of mail, which, I get from the readers of this site curious to know about the secret working and magic behind Vashikaran Love Potions, especially those, which are used to enchant and hypnotize a man or woman for the purpose of love and marriage. The Vashikaran love Spell Potions to attract and put a love spell upon a wished for lover or life partner using a specific kind of smell are very much in vogue these days.

These Vashikaran Love Potions, which use a special kind of smell normally, make the use of Attar [Indian Perfume or Scent], Vashikaran Dhoop [Incense], Vashikaran Tel [Oil] or even fresh flowers, which have a specific smell and which are infused with a Vashikaran Voodoo Mantra to enchant and entice a desired lover.  I have also come across love potions, which make use of the smell of the sexual organs and sperms to cast a powerful occult spell on the intended target.

A love potion manipulates the sense of smell and hence is differentiated from other Vashikaran Totke like the very popular Vashikaran Tilak and Vashikaran Mantra infused Articles like Paan, Supari, Mithai and numerous such edible and non-edible items, which captivate the attention of the desired lover by way of sound, touch, sight or taste.   Readers can easily come to know that these love spells and potions are specifically created to manipulate the sensory organs of the targeted person, which are sound, taste, touch, taste and smell.

These Vashikaran Objects are more often than not infused with a specific Vashikaran Mantra to infuse the Vashikaran Object with the power and potency of the Vashikaran, Mohini or Akarshan Mantra. However, there are many other Vashikaran preparations, which are independent of any kind of Vashikaran Mantra or Yantra.

Most people are sexually aroused by certain smells, which trigger off specific thought forms, which in turn stimulate and energize the body organs related to love and sex.  Ancient Indian Yogis and Tantriks discovered the secrets on how to manipulate a person with the help of these love potions and control that person for the purposes of love and sex.

Even though, I personally do not vouch for the effectiveness of these Voodoo Potions, as I have not personally used or tested any of them, over the past many years, this site has been publishing numerous Occult Love Spells using all kinds of Tantric Objects, including those meant to stimulate the sensory organs. Readers can check the Vashikaran Totke, Vashikaran Yantras, Love Charms and Attraction Mantras Sections of this site for all kinds of Vashikaran Experiments.

Note- Readers are advised to remain extremely cautious in their dealings with people claiming to sell tried and tested Vashikaran Products as a lot of them steal freely available content from this site and sell it to gullible people for a tidy sum of money.

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    Dear Guruji,i cut to the point. please share method= mantra=yantra=tolka, etc. that can break, undo, reverse, prevent vashikaran enchantment ?. as we all know deep down, alot of vashikaran method are use.for selfish intention...which is sad but true..please post some method so that people can protect themself.. thank's


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