Vashikaran By Wine Yantra Experiment

Vashikaran by Sharab or Daru meaning putting an Attraction Voodoo Love Spell on any man or woman using wine,  alcohol or liquor is another one of the unique Enchantment Experiment methods  mentioned in the Vashikaran Tantra. In this post, I have described a Vashikaran Experiment, which makes the use of a Vashikaran Yantra to put under a Love Spell any pined for man or woman, including an ex-lover for the purpose of love, friendship or marriage.

The Sharab Vashikaran Yantra, shown by me in the image can be prepared on any day on a Bhojpatra. It can be written with a pointed wooden stick using Chandana [Sandalwood], Raktchandana [Red Sandalwood], Kesar [Saffron] or Ashtagandha paste.

Vashikaran By Wine Yantra Experiment to put Love Spell
Vashikaran By Wine Yantra

The prepared Yantra should then be put inside a Wine or Liquor Bottle and kept dipped inside the Wine or Alcohol for 15 minutes or so and then removed from the bottle and the burnt to ash.

The Vashikaran Tantra says that to put a Vashikaran Spell on the desired man or woman, the ash of the Vashikaran Yantra should be mixed in food, snack or beverage and that food item should be given to eat to the sought after lover.

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