Mantra to Remove Black Magic on Married Life

The most simple and easy Hindu Shabar Mantra described by me is for Removing any kind Black Magic or Evil-Eye done by a jealous and envious person to disturb and cause problems, disagreements and fights in the Married Life of a person they hate. People who suspect that there is severe friction in their marital lives for no possible reason other than Jadu-Tona or Buri-Nazar can chant this Simple Exorcism Mantra to smoothen differences with their life partners and save their maggiages.

Any one of the life partners, which is the husband or wife, can chant this Mantra given here in this post for 1 Mala or 108 Mantra Chants daily. Any kind of Counting Rosary can be used and apart from what is given here, there is no Puja-Worship-Vidhi prescribed for this Mantra.

ॐ ह्रीं ह्रूं विटपाये स्वाहा ||
Om Hreem Hroom Vitapaaye Swaha ||

This Mantra for the benefit of Hindi readers in known as the Vaivahik Jeevan Se Buri Nazar Ya Kala Jadu Tona Bhaganeka Chamatkari Shabar Mantra. The Mantra is believed to be most effective in reversing the malefic Voodoo Occult Spells originating from any envious person including a relative or a jilted ex-lover.

The same Mantra has also been attributed with the specific quality of increasing Kaam Shakti, meaning enhancing the libido, vigour, sexual strength and stamina and fast arousal of the body organs related to sexual intercourse. The Tantra also says that the spouse or lover of such a person will always be satisfied with his or her sex life and never leave the partner.

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  1. What will be the count to master this mantra.

  2. Hello neel ji
    This vikram from new delhi,
    I just want know from where can i get real kali haidi? Please sir help me to find it.

  3. Do we have to do this mantra forever? Until when or until how mamy counts should we do this for please?

    1. You have to perform the Mantra Experiment until your problems are resolved.

  4. Kindly tell me mantra for my wife she is suffering unknown problem in which she thinks sometimes in a day run away to my home. Everything is ok in the home our life physically and sexually is good but i dont know even she dont know why this happens with her.

  5. Hello sir, can pregnant woman chant this mantra? Is it safe for pregnant ladies and is there any side effects of this mantra initially when we start. Whenever I try to do some sadhna and mantra some problems occur in my married life. Please guide

    1. It is a safe Mantra without side-effects, which can be chanted by even pregnant ladies.

  6. Can girlfriend chant this mantra to remove same things from love life. Please help the helpless.

  7. Can girlfriend chant this mantra to remove same things from love life. Please help the helpless.

  8. Can girlfriend chant this mantra to remove same things from love life. Please help the helpless.

  9. Hello Sir, can you please make a video of this mantra?
    It will be helpful for a lot of people. Thank you.

  10. Hello sir it is hroom or hroum and this beej belong to which deity please say sir.


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