Indian Astrology Yogas for Love Marriage

Traditional Hindu Vedic Astrology highlights numerous planetary combinations or Yogas, which give an indication of the chances of an individual having a love marriage. In this post, I have described three general but important Indian Astrology Yogas for Love Marriage, which forecast the chances of a successful love marriage.

If the lords of the Ascendant or First House[Lagna Bhava] and the Seventh House[Saptam Bhav] are conjoined or favorably aspect each other and if these planets have an auspicious relationship with either Mangal[Mars] and Shukra[Venus], then the native will have a love marriage.

In a horoscope, if Guru[Jupiter] and Shukra are placed in each other’s Mool Trikona Sthan or Kendra Sthan, then there is every chance of the native having a love marriage, Mool Trikona Sthan is the Exalted House in this case the Fifth House[Pancham Bhav] and the Ninth House[Navam Bhav]. The Kendra Sthan means the Quadrant Houses, which are the First House, Fourth House [Chaturth Bhav], Seventh House and Tenth House [Dasham Bhav].

If in a Chandra Kundali, Shukra is placed in either of the Mool Trikona Sthan [Fifth and Ninth Houses] and if Guru favorably aspects that House or if Guru himself is positioned in either of the Mool Trikona Sthan, then there is every possibility of the native have a love marriage. The Chandra Kundali is the Kundali in, which the House in which the Moon is positioned is taken to be the First House. The Rashi or Birth Sign of an individual as per traditional Indian Astrology is the Zodiac Sign in which the Moon is positioned; it is also called the Moon Sign or Chandra Rashi in Hindi.

Note- Only a detailed reading of the horoscope by a learned astrologer will give a clear indication of the native being successful in having a love marriage.

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  1. Respected Sir, Please suggest remedies to be done on the day of Diwali, and before Diwali and after Diwali, main focus is on health and money. Thanks in advance. Regards.

  2. Neel Sir , In an horoscope if ascendant himself is damaged in
    eg : 6 , 8 , 12 houses .
    Then Life becomes very struggling inspite of havinng other Raj Yogas .
    Are there any effective measures for elevating this trouble ?


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