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Astrology Yogas for Owning Immovable Property

In this post, I have described some of the Astrological Yogas in a Kundali, which are considered auspicious for Owning Immovable Property, like a house, land or business premises.  The presence of such Yogas in a horoscope [Kundali Me Makan, Zameen, Jaidad Ke Yog] according to traditional Hindu Astrology give an indication about the general prospects  of the native for becoming the owner of an immovable property.

If the Ascendant [Lagna Bhava] is positioned in its own house [the Lagna or first house] or if it is positioned in an auspicious house of the Kundali, then there is a great chance of owning land.

If Rahu [Dragons Head] or Shani [Saturn] is placed in the fourth house of the Kundali, then there are chances of owning an old house.

If the lord of the fourth house [Chaturth Bhav] is placed in the tenth house [Dasham Bhav] then there is likelihood of owning an old or used house.

If the lord of the fourth house is placed in the seventh house [Saptam Bhav], it is an indication that the native gains property, like a house or land by way or from or the efforts of a woman.

If the lord of the fourth house is place in the eighth house [Ashtam Bhav] then there are chances of living in temporary, transferable or changeable homes.

If the lord of the fourth house is placed in the fourth house or a favorable house in the horoscope then the native will become the partner or part owner of a property.

If the lords of the Second house [Dwitiya Bhav] and the fourth house are conjoined in the fourth house then the native will become the owner of multiple properties.

If there are strong and powerful planets in the fourth and eleventh house [Ekadash Bhav], then the native gains property, including by way of inheritance.

If the ascendant and the lord of the seventh house are conjoined together in the seventh, house then the native gains property without easily without much effort.

Note- Readers should keep in mind that these are generalized Astrological Yogas, which indicate the prospects for owning property and only a detailed study of the Kundali can give the true picture.

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