Astrological Yogas for Sudden Gain of Money

Sudden and unexpected windfalls and gains of money, property, and wealth is what most people dream, aspire and fantasize about at some time or other in their lives. In this post, I have described five Astrology Yogas, which are known as the Achanak Dhan Prapti Ke Yog or Astrological Yogas for Sudden Windfalls of Money, Wealth and Treasures in the horoscope.

If Chandra [Moon] is placed in the Fifth House of the Kundali and Shukra [Venus] Aspects [Drishti] the Fifth House then the Native is likely to gain money suddenly by way of lottery, horse races or any other form of gambling or games of chance.

If the Lord of the Eleventh House is positioned in the Fourth House along with any auspicious planet then there is a chance of the Native suddenly discovering treasures, which are buried in the ground.

If the Lagna Swami [Ascendant] is placed in the Second House, the Lord of the Second House placed in the Eleventh House and the Lord of the Eleventh House placed in the First House then there are chances of the Native profiting suddenly from wealth buried in the ground.

If the Lord of the Second House and the Lord of the Fourth House are in Conjunction with an auspicious planet or positioned in an auspicious House then the Native gains suddenly from wealth hidden in the ground.

If the Lords of the Eleventh House, Fourth House and Second House are in Conjunction in the Fourth House along with or Aspect by an auspicious planet then the Native suddenly gains in money and wealth.

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