Simple Mantras of Bhuvaneswari Devi

Bhuvaneswari Devi is the Fourth of the Dasha-Mahavidyas, which are the main 10 facets of the multi dimensional Mother Goddess.  Bhuvaneswari Devi is worshipped by laypersons as well as by Advanced Yogis and Sadhaks striving to succeed in the Dasha-Mahavidyas Puja- Shakti Sadhanas. In this post, I have described some very simple and easy to chant Mantras for Meditating upon Bhuvaneswari Devi for the layperson especially during the auspicious period of Navratri.

Bhuvaneswari Devi is described as possessing the complexion of the Rising Sun; she is endowed with full rounded Breasts [Symbolic of Fertility and Abundance].  She wears a Be-jeweled Golden Crown, which has a Crescent Moon on her head. She possesses the Third Eye [Symbolic of the All-Knowing]. She has Four Hands and they hold the Vara Mudra[ Boons], Ankush [Spear], Phasa [Noose], Abhaya Mudra[Power], symbolizing  the infinite power of the Devi to Create, Protect, Punish and Destroy Anything.  She always has a pleasant expression and a smiling face.

She is described as the Ultimate Creator of the Cosmos, the One who created the Creators. She is also described as the Creator of the Divine Trinity of Brahma-Vishnu and Shiva as also the Tri-Loka or the Heaven-Earth and the Underworld.

The Tantra also says that the Soul, which takes birth in the unique and most sought after Human Form and conquers the Sense Organs and progresses towards the Path of Mukti [Ultimate Liberation] fails in its quest, if it does not worship Bhuvaneswari Mata.

Sandalwood Paste prepared by applying a little bit of Pure Water mixed with Camphor Powder on a Rubbing Board and Fragrant Flowers are offerings, which are believed to be dear to Bhuvaneswari Devi.

There are three different Mantras, which can be chanted to Meditate upon Bhuvaneswari Devi, any one of the three Mantras given below can be chanted as all three of them serve the same purpose. The chanting of these Mantras do not require any kind of complictaed form of worship.

Dasha-Mahavidyas for Bhuvaneswari Devi
Simple Mantras of Bhuvaneswari Devi

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  1. Thanks for uploading the article .
    There is a Bhuwaneshwari Kavach , Panjar and other some stotras also
    Which i recite daily .
    In the last parts there are procedures through which they are to be read and worship of the Goddess . could could translate and interpret them .
    I can provide you the stotras if needed .
    If yes , how should I message them to you?Any contact id

    1. I can only tell you about the meaning of the parts, which you do not understand. It is not possible to translate the procedure due to lack of time.
      You could post them here, if they are short or send them through the contact form.

    2. Dear Sir , I have some questions .

      1.which mala is beneficial for Mahavidya Bhuwaneshwari mantras?
      2. It is said that mool mantra of Devi is Hreem . And its amount is 32 Lakh ,and then Havan with red lotus flowers . (What is your opinion on the amount of japa)
      3. Mudras : hands of the devi have Ankush , paash , Var and abhay mudra .
      Are there any more hand mudras beneficial to display other than these for success in sadhana .
      4. Apart from these if there are any sutras for success in Mahavidya Sadhana , then please let me know .

  2. respected neel sir,
    I bought a mantra book. But author said "don't practice mantras by reading books.You should learn mantras from a mastered Guruji only.
    He also said " you should chant mantras which suit for you according to astrology.

    I don't have any Guruji to learn mantras from him.
    please tell me can I practice those mantras which are in the book without any help of master.

  3. There is no harm in practising Mantras without a Guru.
    However, complicated and difficult Mantra Sadhanas should be learnt from a Master.
    The astrology part is very specific and some Mantras may be recommended as per astrology, but there is no such hard and fast rule.

  4. thanks a lot Guruji for your valuable replay .I will practice those mantras on the book with faith on you.Thanks Sir.

  5. Dear Sir , Earlier I had written for translation of Certain Stotras of Devi Bhuwaneshwari
    Following is a Dhyann mantra , could you please explain the meaning .
    सरोजनयनां चलत कनक कुंडलां शैशवीं ,
    धनुर्जप वटी करामुदित सूर्य कोटी प्रभाम ।
    शशांक कृत शेखरां शव शरीर संस्था शिवाम,
    प्रात: स्मरामी भुवनेश्वरी शत्रु गति स्तम्भनीम ॥
    There is Trailokya mohan Bhuwaneshwari Devi kavach stotra , which has certain procedures to be followed for devi worship mentioned in it(In Falashruti) .I have the stotra in Pdf format .
    I want to understand the meaning of the sanskrit Falashruti. please tell me how I can send it to you .Contact form Doesnt have an option

    1. The following dhyanam where did you take from??
      And the procedure for reciting trailokya mangala kawach is one has to recite this kawach continuously for a year with coagulated milk as naivedhya and flowers as offerings. This will please her for sure.
      If one do Japa on her mantra without reciting this kawach one will faces difficulties.

  6. Tom have you been tryin Stamban karma usin that mantra? x

    1. No its the initial Dyaan Mantra in Rudrayamal Tantra

  7. Hi sir pls tell me maya bhuvaneshwari maha mantra

  8. What are the benefit of these mantras?


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