Ganapati Mantra to Exorcise Demonic Entities

In this post, I will describe a simple, yet most effective and powerful exorcism ritual, which makes the use of the Swetark Root and a Ganapati Mantra to exorcise a possessed person.  This ritual to exorcise demonic entities is simple and can be safely practiced by the Devote and sincere followers of Hindu Tantra-Mantra Shastra.

On any Saturday, bring home a piece of the root of the Safed Aak, which is the root from which the idols of the Swetark Ganapati are prepared. At home, wash the Swetark Mool with Ganga Jal [water of India’s holy river, the Ganga] or Well Water.

Then apply Red Sindoor over the Swetark Root and worship it by lighting an incense stick and an oil lamp in front of it. After this chant, the Ganesh Mantra given below for 11 Malas or 1088 Mantra Repetitions, with full faith and devotion. A Rudraksha Japa Mala can be used to count the number of Mantra Chants.

Om Glaum Ganapatye Namah ||

Then to exorcise a person believed to be affected by harmful, malefic or dangerous invisible energy, like ghosts, evil spirits, demons or any other kind of Bhoot-Pret or Atrupta Atma, the Swetark Mool has to be rotated in a clockwise manner over the body of the possessed person, this is called doing an Utara in the Hindi language.  The Utara has to be done 11 times in all.

Then, the Ganapati Mantra infused Swetark Root should be inserted inside a red colored cloth Tabeez [cloth amulet] and tied like a protective talisman around the upper right arm of the possesses person.

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  1. pls enlight,,if the shwetark root or any other energised item tied around arm in a red or black coloured cloth,,,like white mustard seeds infused with mantra ,,,does such things power reduces while taking bath as they also get washed or wet inside the cloth,,,,

    1. You can always remove the Tabeez before having a bath, it does not reduce the power but there is a chance that the infused item might get spoiled due to repeated contact with water.

  2. Does it work to exorcise demon like Lucifer, Astaroth (Supreme Demons of hell)?


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