The Three Gunas and Mantra Siddhi

Each and everything in the Cosmos is governed by the interplay of the Satvik, Rajasik and Tamasic Gunas or broadly Goodness, Passion and Darkness or Creation, Preservation and Destruction. This as pointed out in many earlier articles corresponds to the Hindu Divine Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.  These three Gunas or qualities are present in each and everything, including foods, minerals and human beings, it is the amount or quantity of each Guna, which matters and classifies the thing [including humans] as possessing Satvik, Rajasik or Tamasic Guna.

The three verses from the Divine Bhagavad-Gita on the Satvik, Rajasik and Tamasic, described below should be of great interest to the serious and advanced Sadhaks who are striving for spiritual progress, including Mantra Siddhi and Kundalini Shakti  Jagruti.

“The Satvik, Rajasik and Tamasic Gunas or States, which exist, know them to be born of me alone; but I am not in them even though they abide in me.”
“All and Everything in the Cosmos is deluded by these Three Gunas; does not know me, who is beyond them and unchangeable and ever existent.”
“This divine Maya [illusion] of me, which is comprised of the Three Gunas, is hard to overcome; only those taking refuge in me are able get over this illusion.“

Most Sadhaks experience difficulties and lack of forward moment if they commence any spiritual Sadhana with a pre-conceived or pre-set state of mind.  Their minds start recreating what they have read or heard about the experiences of those who have traveled far into the unknown. Such Sadhaks invariably fall into the trap of Maya and become deluded into entering a pre-set state of mind and start hallucinating as their minds are recreating the experiences of others.

What we learn from these verses of the Bhagavad-Gita is that the real state of existence lies hidden and clouded behind the Maya Jal [Web of Illusion] of the Three Gunas. The Sadhaka has to transcend the Maya Jal weaved by the Gunas to unearth the secrets of Tantra Sadhana and gain Siddhi by learning to differentiate what is the real and what is the creation of his mind.

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  1. Respected Neel Sir,
    Sir I am staying at hostel. My roommates are very bad.They are harassing me .
    Please kindly give me a simple and satvik raksha mantra to protect from them.
    I searched in enemy mantras but they are not simple mantras.
    Please give me any mantra which don't harm me or give me link

  2. Beautiful , this is awesome
    thanks for posting this..

  3. it's true fear,anger,lust,hate,greed these five are all creation of mind,our mind is like a continously wavering ball of conscious(chetna) like a sea full of waves,,,,our mind provides us what our karma serves,, can control his mind only by knowing the reality of our soul which is different from our mind,,,,by knowing the truth behind the maya jal surrounded by three gunas satav,rajas and tamas,,.,,,...mind can be controlled with sincereity and devotion toward the supreme soul by accepting him the saarthi of the rath( where lord krishna is the sypreme soul or saarthi and arjuna is the mind or the rath or chariot),,,,there the person or individual soul with devotion and sincereity will realise that god is always with us in our soul where sincereity,honesty,affection,creation,protection,knowledge is,,,,,,,surely the mind set of person will realise the ultimate ever exsisting truth of his individual soul and relation with god,,,,,,and his mind will transcend from the gunas of mind( the five gunas told in start ) towards the gunas of soul ,,,,,the reality of lord,,,,,,,,,,finally his mind will the sphere of unflickering conscious ( chetna) ,,,,,,,,,,,will emerge with lord in them by just knowing ,realising the truth that he or she was always,will be in lord or supreme soul himself,,,,


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